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Matt 5:7 Good Morning CBC Family! I came across a post this week that got me thinking about our present situation and I wanted to share this with you before we dive into the message this morning.   It had to do with Noah and his family when God judged the earth with a worldwide flood that killed everything that breathing; with the exception of everything living in the Ark.  This would include the animals that God told Noah to bring into the Ark, and the seven members of his family.  That’s eight people cooped up together for about a year in a large boat that had…  Only one window that was shut until Noah opened it on the 40 th day.  No iPhone, no Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram, no internet for Disney plus or Netflix, no electricity to play your games on your PS4 or Xbox One.  No stores open to go get more food and supplies. Just themselves, living on a boat for about a year away from anything they called, “civilization.” How did they manage? How did they co


Matt 5:6 Before we open God’s word let me say this! We plan to abide by the recommendations of Heath Canada officials.   Let me encourage you with the words of Pastor Francis Grimke said after the Spanish Flu epidemic in Washington D.C. in 1918, “There has been considerable grumbling, I know, on the part of some, particularly in regard to the closing of the churches. It seems to me, however, in a matter like this it is always wise to submit to such restrictions for the time being. If, as a matter of fact, it was dangerous to meet in theatres and in the schools, it certainly was no less dangerous to meet in churches. The fact that the churches were places of religious gathering, and the others not, would not affect in the least the health question involved. If avoiding crowds lessens the danger of being infected, it was wise to take the precaution and not needlessly run in danger, and expect God to protect us.” Sinclair Ferguson said “Some people will say, “My life is c