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I want to share my heart personally with you this morning because we are going see Paul’s heart as we open this portion of scripture!  Because this portion of Paul’s letter is personal and it reveals the true heart of Paul. Nothing excites me more than to see people growing in their walk with the Lord. Especially those who the Lord allowed me to be a part of! That excites me because it’s a privilege. This should be every pastor’s heart around the world this morning to see God’s children walking with Him.  SEE MY JOY COMES....... When you want to talk about Him and His glory. When you want to learn and grow through the studying of the His Word. When you want to pray and praise His name in the good and bad times. When you want to share about what the Lord has been teaching you through your circumstances When you want nothing more than to see people come to the Lord through Jesus Christ. When you consume all your time and energy focused on Him! Because He is worth. it! And


What does it mean to anticipate something?  If you’re having a hard time answering that question; rewind back to Christmas Eve and your children….and fast forward to Christmas morning!  Better Yet! Look back to the time when you and your lovely spouse were going to get married in the coming months.  All the planning and organizing and sending and seeing who was going to come to your special day.  Then the day arrives! Think back to your bride and her reaction when that day finally came. Filled with excitement, nervousness and joy because the day she has been anticipating, is finally here .  What does it mean to wait? Because I hate to wait and that’s my sin! It means to anticipate with patience, a readiness and understanding that the day is getting closer and I need to be alert and ready when that day in the future comes.The same truth can be said about our salvation! We anticipate our fallen bodies to be finally redeemed from this earth. It reminds me of what Paul wrot