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James 1:19-20 Have you ever said these words to yourself? “Think before you speak”  If so! When was the last time you stop yourself with that simple truth? Was it before or after the foot is inserts into the mouth?  I can’t count the number of times that I’ve put myself into a situation where I insert my own foot! Whether it’s with my wife. Whether it’s with my children. Whether it’s with friends or strangers. Whether it’s with people I work with. Whether it’s with people at church. We, I myself, fail in this area of life from time to time ….Reason being the natural man or woman wants to express what’s on their mind…. without thinking of others or the cost!  As children of God we are to think before we speak at all times.  For example:  Col 4:5-6 says “Walk in wisdom toward outsiders, making the best use of the time. Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.”  I Peter 3:15-16 it say


James 1:17-18 So what do we do during trials and temptations? Quick Recap! Many times we succumb to temptation! We are sometimes prone to fix our eyes on our circumstances and we miss what God has in store for us.  What are we to do when we are prone to carried away or enticed by the desires that are at the core of our lives?  Well…..I hope by the end of this message you will be able to say with me “God is good, and God is always good.” Even in the midst of trials and our failures.  See! God is so good there is no changing how good He is!  Can you say that about your sanctification today? Maybe this will help answer that…. In the barracks where Corrie Ten Boom and her sister Betsy were kept in the Nazi concentration camp Ravensbruck were terribly overcrowded and flea-infested.  They miraculously had been able to smuggle a Bible into the camp, and in that Bible they read that in all things they were to give thanks, and that God can use anything for good. Corrie's si


James 1:13-15 THE WORLD IS FULL OF SIN AND SIN WANTS NOTHING MORE THAN TO REVEAL ITS UGLY HEAD IN OUR LIVES.  This is where we need to put a caution sign around our lives, and around our hearts.  We as believers are never called to test the waters of sin or take our sin lightly in light of God’s goodness and grace…….with the idea that we won’t sink or He won’t find out.  A man purchased a white mouse to use as food for his pet snake. He dropped the unsuspecting mouse into the snake's glass cage, where the snake was sleeping in a bed of sawdust. The tiny mouse had a serious problem on his hands. At any moment he could be swallowed alive. Obviously, the mouse needed to come up with a brilliant plan. What did the terrified creature do? He quickly set up work covering the snake with sawdust chips until it was completely buried. With that, the mouse apparently thought he had solved his problem. The solution, however, came from outside. The man took pity on the silly little mou