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One More Reason to Pray

Christian! When you think about not praying......think again! This picture is a great reminder of praying for those who are sick and in need of our prayers...... Do you know such a person? James said in his letter "Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. "(5:14). Prayer is a powerful tool in the hands of God's children! Why? Because James went on to say "....... The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much." (v16) The power of prayer has the capability to changes lives by a sovereign God who loves us and desires our voices (our petitions)to be lifted up to Him. So please......Pray....Pray......Pray..... Christian! Again! When you feel like you don't want too......THINK OF THIS PICTURE!....... To God be the glory for giving us the privilege to pray. Please continue to pray for pastor Matt Chandler and his lovely family, as he goes throu

Calvary`s Anthem

HEAVENLY FATHER, Thou hast led me singing to the cross where I fling down all my burdens and see them vanish, where my mountains of guilt are levelled to a plain, where my sins disappear, though they are the greatest that exist, and are more in number than the grains of fine sand; For there is power in the blood of Calvary to destroy sins more than can be counted even by one from the choir of heaven. Thou has given me a hill-side spring that washes clear and white, and I go as a sinner to its waters, bathing without hindrance in its crystal streams. At the cross there is free forgiveness for poor and meek ones, and ample blessings that last for ever; The blood of the Lamb is like a great river of infinite grace with never any diminishing of its fullness as thirsty ones without number drink of it. O Lord, for ever will thy free forgiveness live that was gained on the mount of blood; In the midst of a world of pain it is a subject for praise in every place, a song on earth, an anthem in

How Wrongly ‘Engaging the Culture’ Adjusts the Gospel

T4G 2010 -- Session 4 -- Thabiti Anyabwile from Together for the Gospel (T4G) on Vimeo .

Matt Chandler

T4G 2010 -- Special Session -- Matt Chandler from Together for the Gospel (T4G) on Vimeo .

My Friend

My friend, I stand in judgement now, And feel that you're to blame somehow. On Earth I walked with you day by day, An never did you point the way. You knew the Lord in truth and glory, But never did you tell the story. My knowledge then was very dim; You could have led me safe to Him. Though we lived together here on Earth, You never told me of the second birth. And now I stand this day condemned, Because you failed to mention Him. You taught me many things, that's true; I called you "friend" and trusted you. But I learn now that it's too late, And you could have kept me from this fate. We walked by day and talked by night, And yet you showed me not the light. You let me live, and love, and die, You knew I'd never live on high. Yes, I called you "friend" in life, And trusted you through joy and strife. And, yet, on coming to this dreadful end, I cannot, now, call you "my friend" Mark Cahill   (One thing You can't Do in Heaven pg

A Tea Cup or a Mug?

Men: Are you treating your wife as a delicate tea cup or are you treating her as a coffee mug? Let me explain! A COFFEE MUG: • It’s heavy & thick and made with a very stronger material • Mugs are usually made of materials with low thermal conductivity, such as earthenware, porcelain or glass • A mug is a sturdily built type of cup often used for drinking hot beverages, • Much of the mug design aims at thermal insulation: the thick walls of a mug • This is to insulate the beverage to prevent it from cooling or warming quickly! • It’s hard to break and they are usually really cheap to buy You usually find them left all over the place....I can remember at work you would find them on: Work benches..... Desks....Outside......On the floor.....In the car..... Even in the washroom sometimes. See a mug you can bang it around, and even if you put a few chips in it....but you still can us it! They are put usually behind cupboard doors Available at all times for any age! Your kid’s

We Get To!

I'm presently reading a book by Mark Cahill. It's called 'One Thing You Can't do in Heaven' . And as I came across this part in his book! I thought to myself! How true and amazing we forget these privileges and promises of God, which are found in His written Word for the Christian life......So I thought I would share a little portion of his wonderful book with you......Mark calls this chapter the "GET TO!" It's not that we have "got" to go to church, but that we "GET" to go to church! It's not that we have "got" to pray, but we "GET" to pray to the Almighty God of this universe! It's not that we have "got" to read the bible, but we "GET" to read the holy Word of God! It's not that we have "got" to worship God, but we "GET" to worship the King of kings with our entire being! It's not that we have "got" to go to Heaven, but we "GET" t

Man's Problem

two ways to live : : the choice we all face

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To Achieve His Own Resurrection from the Dead

Now may the God of peace who brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, the great shepherd of the sheep, by the blood of the eternal covenant, equip you with everything good that you may do his will. H e b r e w s 1 3 : 2 0 - 2 1. The death of Christ did not merely precede his resurrection it was the price that obtained it. That’s why Hebrews 13:20 says that God brought him from the dead “by the blood of the eternal covenant.” The “blood of the . . . covenant” is the blood of Jesus. As he said, “This is my blood of the covenant” (Matthew 26:28). When the Bible speaks of the blood of Jesus, it refers to his death. No salvation would be accomplished by the mere bleeding of Jesus. His bleeding to death is what makes his blood-shedding crucial. Now what is the relationship between this shedding of Jesus’ blood and the resurrection? The Bible says he was raised not just after the blood-shedding, but by it. This means that what the death of Christ accomplished was so full and so perfect

NO! That's GRACE

There is Power in the Cross of Jesus Christ