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Prayer is?

1 John 5:14-15 What do you find the hardest thing to do in your Christian life?.........Think about that before you answer! There are few subjects in the Christian life more puzzling to God’s people when it comes to the matter of prayer. Many Christians today are often confused by prayer and usually ask the question: What is Prayer? Does prayer change things or does prayer merely change the one who is praying? How should we pray? What should we pray for? Can we be sure that God always hears our prayer? Can we be confident that He will answer our prayers? We need to take prayer seriously! Why? Prayer is our way we express our submission to the Sovereignty of God and our trust in His faithfulness. Prayer is our way we express all that is in our hearts to our loving and wise Father. Prayer is not to give God information because God knows everything, but prayer brings us into reverent communion with God, worshipping Him and acknowledging Him as the Giver of all things. Prayer is our way

He Took My Cup

There is a story about two young brothers around the age of 10 and 11. They were always getting into trouble around the community. There wasn’t a day that would go by that these two young boys wouldn’t find something to get themselves into......After many talks and many spanks the father was at the point that he didn’t know what to do! He followed what the word of God said.....but still nothing changing in their behaviour. Then one day like clockwork! It happened again. His sons got into trouble and dad knew, and they knew it was time for another spanking........but dad did something that he never done before......he called his sons into the living room, paused for a moment and said to his sons...”you don’t seem to care about how this hurts me and your mother......the spankings don’t seem to be working, when I ground you or take things away you don’t seem to care”.........Another pause and dad said “So I’m not going to spank you or do anything!” Both brothers looked at each other and

Jesus and Santa


Are You Clothed With Power? - Paul Washer

Everything is about Christ!! To God be the glory!!

Radical Chrisitanity

Acts 3-4 Why is the proclamation of the Gospel or mentioning the name of Jesus such an offense to so many people. Not just here in Canada but around the world? What is that makes people so angry or worse yet the bitterness to cause harm to those who follow the name Jesus Christ? As we look at what the Bible calls the first incident of persecution..... I think it all boils down to this one Biblical truth that Jesus said to His disciples “Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”John 14:6. Do we realize the impact that statement has made over the past few centuries and what that statement means to the future in our pluralistic world! Do we realize the severity of that bold statement......that statement is telling the world that if you are: Mormon, Jehovah Witness, Scientologist, Buddhist, Hindu, Agnostic, Atheist, Evolutionist, Muslim and all other Religions by tradition, you are forever separated from God! Why? Becau

Antisipation of a Redeemed Ruth

                                                                             Ruth 3:1-18 What is required from everyone to receive grace and mercy through redemption? Humility!..........Humility is a freedom from pride and arrogance; humbleness of mind; a modest estimate of one's own worth. In theology, humility consists in meekness of mind; a deep sense of one's own unworthiness in the sight of God, self-abasement, penitence for sin, and submission to the divine will. Hudson Taylor was scheduled to speak at a Large Presbyterian church in Melbourne, Australia. The moderator of the service introduced the missionary in eloquent and glowing terms. He told the large congregation all that Taylor had accomplished in China, and then presented him as "our illustrious guest." Taylor stood quietly for a moment, and then opened his message by saying, "Dear friends, I am the little servant of an illustrious Master." “Humility is perfect quietness of heart. It is for

Where is Your Hope?

Ruth 2:17-23 Do you realize according to the worlds standards we live in a hopeless world! Let me explain • Approximately 23 million Americans claim to suffer from anxiety disorder • 17.5 million Struggle with clinical depression • 530,000 actually attempt suicide • Airline passengers worry about the safety of their flights • Mourners grieve pessimistically at the loss of a loved one • Patients agonize over the dangers of surgery • Business people worry constantly about deadlines and decisions • Countless others endure daily feelings of fear and hopelessness It’s no wonder we have so many suicides, depression, stress and worry in our country.This list isn’t just affecting the secular world! • In fact 62 % of evangelical Christians are concerned about the future • 20 % are searching for meaning and purpose in life • Sickness, suffering and doubt are affecting the Church of Jesus Christ more than ever! Why? Many are following the worldly minded down a hopeless path. Whe

King of Peace

He is our King of Peace He is our hope He is our joy He is our passion He is our rest He is our resurrection and the life He is our redeemer He is our salvation He is our Lord of lords and King of kings He is Jesus Christ!!! SDG

The "Go" Of Missions by Paul Washer

God's Providence in Our Bad Decisions (Part 3)

Ruth 1:19-22 As we continue in this wonderful story of God's providence found in the book of Ruth. Let me ask you something personal. How do you respond to bad decisions or bad outcomes in your life? BETTER YET! How do you respond to God in your bad decisions or circumstances of life? WHETHER IT WOULD BE: • Your finances • Your marriage • Your children • Your farm or business • Your health • Your path that He has put you on Sometimes it’s hard to see past the hurt...heartache and the confusion of life. Sometimes we say things we don’t mean or do things that display our inner character or feelings. TAKE FOR EXAMPLE! You’re standing at the grave sight of your 14 year old daughter. A person who by world’s standards has her whole life ahead of her. You watch as the machine lowers your daughter into the ground....a place where her body will remain until the final days of Jesus. It’s a sad time for everyone...including the preacher! Because that could be one of yours one day.

God's Providence in Our Bad Decisions (Part 2)

Ruth 1:6-18 WHAT IS USUALLY THE NUMBER 1 THING YOU DO WHEN YOU (KNOW) THAT YOU HAVE MADE A BAD DECISION. Maybe this will help you answer that question. WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU TRY AND DO WHEN YOU MAKE A BAD DECISION SO THAT NOBODY FINDS OUT? You try to fix or hide it from others! Or worse try to pretend it never happened! That’s exactly what the flesh wants to do....what our sinful nature wants to do! Bad decisions or choices make us look bad on the outward appearance (At least that’s how most people feel)..... But my reply to that kind of thinking whom do you look bad to? We even do this in our Christian lives! When we deliberately sin or get caught up in a sin, we think that if we can hide it, nobody will ever know about it or talk about us or worse yet look down or different towards us; and call us hypocrites....or Pharisee’s. THE GREATEST EXAMPLE OF THIS IS FOUND IN THE BIBLE! Gen 3:7-11 “Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were nake

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Faithful One Robin Mark

The Gospel Song - An Animation

What Are You Using it For?

James 3:1-12 The story I'm about to read is true........There was a happy little family, living in a small town in North Dakota, even though the young mother had not been entirely well since the birth of her second baby. But each evening the neighbours were aware of a warmth in their hearts when they would see the husband and father being met at the gate by his wife and two small children. There was laughter in the evening too, and when the weather was nice father and children would romp together on the back lawn while mother looked on with happy smiles.Then one day a village gossip started a story, saying that (the father) was being unfaithful to his wife, a story entirely without foundation. But it eventually came to the ears of the young wife, and it was more than she could bear. Reasons lefts its throne, and that night when her husband came home there was no one to meet him at the gate, no laughter in the house, no fragrant aroma coming from the kitchen, only coldness and som