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Where is Your Hope?

Ruth 2:17-23 Do you realize according to the worlds standards we live in a hopeless world! Let me explain • Approximately 23 million Americans claim to suffer from anxiety disorder • 17.5 million Struggle with clinical depression • 530,000 actually attempt suicide • Airline passengers worry about the safety of their flights • Mourners grieve pessimistically at the loss of a loved one • Patients agonize over the dangers of surgery • Business people worry constantly about deadlines and decisions • Countless others endure daily feelings of fear and hopelessness It’s no wonder we have so many suicides, depression, stress and worry in our country.This list isn’t just affecting the secular world! • In fact 62 % of evangelical Christians are concerned about the future • 20 % are searching for meaning and purpose in life • Sickness, suffering and doubt are affecting the Church of Jesus Christ more than ever! Why? Many are following the worldly minded down a hopeless path. Whe

King of Peace

He is our King of Peace He is our hope He is our joy He is our passion He is our rest He is our resurrection and the life He is our redeemer He is our salvation He is our Lord of lords and King of kings He is Jesus Christ!!! SDG

The "Go" Of Missions by Paul Washer