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Job 12:1-25 “An old man was travelling with his young grandson, riding his donkey. When they passed through a country village, the onlookers grumbled , “Look at that old man walking while that strong young boy is capable of walking.” The criticism cut deeply into the heart of the grandfather, so he changed positions and started riding the donkey while the boy walked. But within minutes other people started mumbling , “ Look at that! A healthy man riding the donkey and making that poor little boy walk!” So the old man changed positions again. This time both he and the boy rode on the poor donkey. But the critics howled , “Look at those heavy brutes making that poor donkey suffer.” So the old man and his grandson jumped down and started walking. No one will criticize us for this, the old man thought to himself. But he underestimated the critical nature of people. Soon he heard the people say . “Would you look at that. A perfectly good donkey not being used.” So to stop al


Job 11:1-20 Who needs enemies when you have friends like this?  Friends that try to point out everything wrong about you and your life.  Friends that think you are getting off easy in comparison to what they think you deserve.  Job was faced with friends who were shape critics and it was beginning to takes its toll on Job broken soul.  The cutting words of his three friends had become like a pair of scissors, slicing Job to pieces.  Prov 13:20 we read “He who walks with wise men will be wise, But the companion of fools will suffer harm.”  His friends were shape and penetrating to the soul and this was supposedly being done in the name of “Love” .  If this is love, then I hate to see what they would say in anger.  Well! This is about to come true for Job as his third friend Zophar, speaks for the first time. What do we know about Zophar?  He is more than likely the youngest of the three friends, hence the fact he waited and spoke last.  He undoubtedly waited his turn ou