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Jonathan Rourke as CJ Mahaney


God is More Merciful than His Prophet

Jonah 4: 1-11 What have we learned from this letter that Jonah penned? Chapter 1 we learn running doesn’t solve the problem, it only leads to disobedience......and when we disobey it brings chastisement from the LORD, who will fulfill His plan and purpose with or without you. In chapter 2 we saw brokenness and deliverance by a sovereign God......true biblical repentance by Jonah..... submission.........restoration by a sovereign God. In the 3rd chapter we saw the Mighty power of God Word in how it leads to repentanc, renewal and revival to a people who need a Saviour! (Jonah 3:10) "When God saw what they did, how they turned from their evil way, God relented of the disaster that He had said He would do to them, and He did not do it." God saw the hearts of this once evil Nation. Let me ask you! Would you rejoice with Nineveh's salvation if you knew who they were or what they have done? Would you be as merciful as our Lord to those who have had an evil backgrounds? Did

God Of Second Chances

 Jonah Chapter 3 DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN YOU GOT SAVED BY GOD’S UNMERITED GRACE? Can you recall that wonderful day? Who was present? What were you doing at the time? How did you! Hear of God’s wonderful gift of salvation? Who brought you the word of hope that led to your conversion? THE REASON I ASK THESE QUESTIONS IS..........The Nation of Nineveh had about 600,000 people strong and pagan to core! I would like to think that they would be able to answer those same questions............. or be able to recall that wonderful day of grace if they were here to answer them today. This wasn't your normal or typical day................... and either was the day the Lord purchased you up from the pit of Hell? This is a day that the nation of Nineveh would be changed forever!! A nation transformed by the word of God. Do you realize that the Bible says the angels in Heaven rejoiced over the Nation of Nineveh...... and YOU! When you were saved by His sovereign grace! “Just so, I tell y


Preach the Word Preachers......TIME TO MAN UP!!!!!

Brokenness Results in Restoration

Jonah 1:17 to 2:10 There is one truth that each and every one of us can’t deny!! There is only so much person can take before God’s breaks their stubborn will......We must realize as Christian’s, when God chastens His children!He will break you! We all have a breaking point that leads to the very situation that Jonah was about to face. When God wants to get your attention or correct your behaviour! Trust me, He will.......Jonah chose to disobey and when we disobey it is always accompanied with chastisement from a holy and righteous God. Look at what we have seen so far...........3 miracles performed by God: 1. The storm was created for Jonah 2. The Lots fell on Jonah 3. The Ceasing of the Storm The 4th God provided the means to save and chastise Jonah with “a Great Fish” “And the LORD appointed a great fish to swallow up Jonah. And Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights.” Jonah 1:17. Can I ask you something personal? Only you can answer these questions

Jesus, Thank You

Where Are You Running To?

What would do if you were in a situation that would possibly cause you endure PHYSICAL HARM, or worse yet! DEATH!.................All for the blessed Gospel of Jesus Christ? What would you do if someone asked you to go and share this blessed news to a hostile group or community of people? What is the easiest thing to do when something is causing you to get out of your comfortable Christian life? Do you ignore the situation? Do you run away hoping the problem will eventually go away or get solved by someone else? DO YOU REALIZE the further you runway harder it is! Why? It will always catch up to you.........Running does not solve the problem. As Christians! It is our duty to face whatever the Lord puts in our path and not run from His sovereign will for our lives. Turn with me to a story of one man who didn’t want to follow God’s instruction and thought it would be better to go his own way “Jonah” • Jonah was a prophet from God (going back to 2 Kings 14:25) • Jonah represented God t

It Was Love by Sovereign Grace Music

The Beautiful Gospel that saves to the uttermost! The Lover of my wretched soul....To Him be the glory for saving me from what I was......lost and without hope! Thank you Lord Jesus!!

The Valley Of Vision

The How To Manual

How To Manual 1 Thess 5:12-28 What is the one thing that gets overlooked by most people especially men.... when they buy something? A MANUAL!!! This is supplied by the franchisor to his / her as part of the franchise package to provide him / her with step-by-step instructions on how to set up and operate a franchised unit to the specifications and standards of the franchise. Basically a manual shows you how to maintain and use the product properly! A owners manual shows you how: • To clean you’re electronic properly • To put your new purchase together (table/entertainment unit) • Many times of day you are to take your medication • To install that part correctly to your car or truck • Maintain and preserve your vehicle so that it runs at its best and last’s for many years to come Why does everything we buy come with an instruction manual? The answer is simple! It’s important and vital for the that they get many years out of their purchase.....If we didn’t pay a

Lead Me to the Cross- Chris and Conrad w/ lyrics!

Has He lead you to the Cross?