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They Are Preaching Up The Devil's Old, Favorite Doctrine!

By J.C. Ryle There is such a place as Hell. Let no one deceive you with vain words. What people do not like--they try hard not to believe. When the Lord Jesus Christ comes to judge the world, He will punish all who are not His disciples with a fearful punishment! All who are found unrepentant and unbelieving; all who have clung to sin; all who have set their affections on worldly things; all who are without Christ......all such shall come to a dreadful end! "Anyone whose name was not found recorded in the Book of Life--was thrown into the Lake of Fire!" Revelation 20:15 1) I know that some people do not believe that there is any Hell at all. They think it impossible, that there can be such a place. They call it inconsistent with the mercy of God. They say that it is too awful an idea to be really true. The devil of course, rejoices in the views of such people. They help his kingdom mightily. They are preaching up the devil's old, favorite doctrine, "You shall not

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.


True Joy is Found in Spiritual Maturity

PHIL 2:12-18 What happens to a person when they grow? Everything changes doesn’t it? Think about it for a moment! From the time you are conceived to the time you’re born........and to the last day you pass into eternity! You are changing every day from what you were! Everything changes from what you wear to what you eat! Everything from what you know to what you speak about! Every day we are learning something new! If you don’t believe me then you are exactly what Paul talked about in the previous verses! Paul comes to a part in his letter which should cause all of us to examine our lives very carefully (Look at v12-13) Now we must not misunderstand what this verse of scripture is saying! It doesn’t mean a self help or a salvation by works.............God has a highest of standards, and He knows will never attain it in our sanctification! But this verse says “Work out your salvation” NOT! Work for your salvation, work towards your salvation, work at your salvation. Why? Eph 2:8-9

Names of God

What an amazing God we serve!!! TO HIM BE THE GLORY...........SDG

True Joy is Found in a Life of Humility

Phil 2:1-11 What does humility look like? I can tell you what it isn't. It’s not looking for the limelight, it’s not making oneself known among a group of people, it’s not seeking the praises and acknowledgement when they do something, it doesn’t want to be the center of attention for everything, it’s not being as Brian Regan the comedian says “a me’s all about me”. See! Humility is a freedom from pride and arrogance; humbleness of mind; a modest estimate of one's own worth. It is a state of mind well pleasing to God; Jesus Christ brings humility into your life? I like how Gary Inrig explains humility “If I try to make myself as small as I can, I'll never become humble. Humility comes when I stand as tall as I can, and look at all of my strengths, and the reality about me, but I put myself alongside Jesus Christ. And it's there, when I humble myself before Him, and realize the assumness of who he is, and I accept God's estimate of myself, and I sto

The Flaming Sword of Justice

The flaming sword of justice quenched in the holy, loving bosom of Jesus! "He Himself bore our sins in His body on the tree!" 1 Peter 2:24 ...........The most significant and appalling demonstration of God's holiness that the universe ever beheld, infinitely distancing and transcending every other--is the sufferings and death of His only and beloved Son! The cross of Calvary exhibits God's hatred and punishment of sin in a way and to an extent which the annihilation of millions of worlds, swept from the face of the universe by the broom of His wrath, could never have done! Behold the most solemn display of God's hatred of sin! Finding the sins of the Church upon Christ as its Surety, Substitute, and Savior--the wrath of God was poured out upon Him without measure! Finding the sins of His people laid upon His Son--God emptied all the vials of His wrath due to their transgressions, upon His holy soul! Go, my soul, to Calvary, and learn how holy God is, and what a m

Give Me Jesus

Fernando Ortega - "Give Me Jesus" from Adamson.TV on Vimeo .

True Joy is Found in the God of the Gospel

Phil 1:27-30 • God is all powerful • God is all knowing and unchangeable • God is timeless • God is completely sovereign • God is everywhere present • God is full of mercy • God is full of grace and truth • God is full of glory • God is beautiful and majestic • God is our stronghold and protector God is God and I am man “For who in the heavens can be compared to the LORD? Who among the sons of the mighty can be likened to the LORD? God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, And to be held in reverence by all those around Him. O LORD God of hosts, Who is mighty like You, O LORD? Your faithfulness also surrounds You.” Ps 89:6-8. He is so awesome and worthy of our praise and adoration! John wrote in his last letter “The four living creatures, each having six wings, were full of eyes around and within. And they do not rest day or night, saying: "Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, Who was and is and is to come!" Whenever the living creatures give g

True Joy is Magnified Through Life or Death

Phil 1:18-23 What does it mean to magnify something? Take a butterfly for example!! At first glance they are beautiful with colour and patterns.....But as soon as you put them under the microscope. You see the detail....the texture.....the pigment of different colours that are almost impossible to reproduce!! We have camera that can zoom in from hundreds of yards away to make an object or a person seem closer. We have gun company’s make scopes that can bring the animal in closer to make it easier to shot. We have microscopes that can help us see things that we could never see with the naked eye. We have eye glasses to help some people to read that really small print in books or labels. By definition according Wikipedia........."Magnification is the process of enlarging something only in appearance, not in physical size. This enlargement is quantified by a calculated number also called "magnification". When this number is less than one it refers to a reduction in size,

True Joy is Found in Our Circumstances of Life

Phil 1:12-16 We are all faced with different situations and circumstances in this life. We all have a different story to tell about how God is working in our lives, and how He is using or lives today. We can also look back and see how God has used that situation in our lives to bring Him glory......One of the most certain measures of Christian’s spiritual maturity is what it takes to rob him or her of a Spirit Directed JOY! Paul’s maturity is evident as he makes it clear in his life as he goes through! • Difficult • Unpleasant • Painful • Even life threatening situations All these things did not rob him of joy, but rather it caused his joy to increase. No other New Testament writer understood that truth better than Paul did. Paul was a prime example of a man of God whose joy never stumbled. Paul resisted anything that threatened to come between him and his intimate fellowship with the LORD. Paul was a man who once was an angry Pharisee seeking to stop Christianity, but was tr