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  2 Peter 2:10-22   The pastor that follows the latest trends, your best life now, and the crowd, will absolutely wander away from tough Biblical commands in search of an easier, less difficult way.  This was happening in Peter’s day and is happening today as so-called preachers abandon the Word of God to fulfill their lusts, desires, and even popularity.  This in part produces a church filled with the same mindset.  As the pulpit follows the crowd, the crowd will follow after the same thing.  The puritan John Owen wrote, “It is incumbent on pastors to preserve the truth or doctrine of the gospel received and professed in the church, and to defend it against all opposition. This is one principal end of the ministry….And the sinful neglect of this duty is that which was the cause of most of the malicious heresies and errors that have infested and ruined the church. Those whose duty it was to preserve the doctrine of the gospel entire in the public profession of it many of them ‘spo


  2 Peter 2:3-10   We know that false teachers traffic in religious things  but they lack genuine or authentic faith.  Appearing to be resourceful and real, but they are empty and deceitful. Claiming to offer answers and hope, they bring lies and despair and bondage. Pretending to proclaim reliable information by using some same words we use in the church, but use a different source. They act like those who have embraced Christian freedom; yet they are enslaved by corruption and seek to enslave others. They may look successful and it seems that their lifestyle is doing well for them, but in reality, they are merely heaping up judgement for themselves in the coming day of wrath.  As a refresher! We looked at in the opening this chapter.  False Teaching Distort The Interpretations Of Scripture To Fool Those Not Firmly Established In The Truth With Destructive Heresies. (v1).  False Teaching Preys On The Spiritually Immature And They Will Follow In Their Destruction. (v2)     3.