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  John 3:1-21 Jesus said “Whoever is not with Me is against Me, and whoever does not gather with Me scatters.” Matt 12:30.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is so powerful it will either cause your heart to move towards Him, or away from Him.  True gospel preaching will always change the heart,  its either awakens it; or hardens it.  This is a clear warning for the church today as we have a movement within the church called Christian moralism .  It’s a profession and belief that generally follows Christ's teaching with no intention of submitting their lives fully to God, and chasing Him in Christ.  It’s a person who thinks they are in right standing with God, or they claim, “I believe in Jesus”  It’s that outward confession, but has no inward heart change , but it has good intentions, but lacks eternal life in Christ alone.  Mike Spencer calls it “A spirituality that has Jesus on the cover but not in the book.”  This explains why we see so many people who know objective spiritua


  John 3:1-22   Ever since the creation of the first Adam who sinned in the garden, his disobedience has plunged the entire human race into the bondage of sin and death.  This one act of disobedience from Adam and Eve who had original state of righteousness , feel into moral corruption and death.  This means their hearts and minds were no longer pure, but became defiled and shameful.  This was evident when they tried to cover themselves with fig leaves, this was their feeble attempt to cover their shame, sin and corruption.  This is what sin results too , fear and separation from God. This is the natural man and woman of today.  They run from God’s holy presence and fears His righteous judgments.  This means at the point of conception you were a natural born sinner . This title “natural born sinner” wasn’t something you had to work your way up too, or learn over time.  By our human nature we are natural born killers/sinners as David wrote in his repentance Psalm. “Behold, I