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Eph 4:4-6 What makes the church so unique?  What makes the church stand out from the rest of the world?  Is it you? Is it me? The answer to that is no!  What makes the church so unique is the message that brought us together under one roof to praise the only God who is above all gods and things.  See a healthy church is united by our gospel confession . A healthy church is characterized by unity and the marvelous testimony to the watching world.  Everything the church is in relation to salvation, one another and the Kingdom of God is based on the principles grounded in the gospel.  The cause or the baseline for this outward conformity is based upon an inner oneness .  Our practical oneness is based upon spiritual oneness .  Without unity and conformity to the scriptures the church would never be able to function or grow and would be nothing more than a club. Think about that for a moment!  The church is one and is to be one because God is one.  The true Christian c


Eph 4:1-6 Napoleon Bonaparte who was a man of humble beginnings, who went on to be a General, stated the following after making rounds about his different post and finding a soldier asleep at his post, “Soldier what is your name, the soldier replied, “My name is Napoleon, Bonaparte replied what did you say your name was, he responded the second time, Napoleon. Then Bonaparte stated, “Soldier my name is Napoleon, and Bonaparte said “I suggest that you either change your name or start living up to it.” “Worthy” (Axios) means to balance the scales-what is on one side should be equal to the other.  Our calling and our walk on this earth is a weighty calling because it’s attached to the only name under Heaven to which man must be saved.  The common calling that we have in Christ unites us together through His death, resurrection and ascension, so we must recognize this divine nature that God called us too.  We as a body share a common experience of His amazing grace.  As Je