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VBS 2017 Calvary Baptist Killaloe



Deut 6:4-9 We live in a society or a generation that has in some ways become like the show “Twilight Zone” or as I like to refer to the “Bizarre O World.“ What do I mean by that?   Terrorism And Christian Persecution is ramped throughout the world. Murder is on a steady climb….July 4 th weekend in Chicago alone there was a 100 people wounded by gunfire. Abortion is happening more now than ever (According to Planned Parenthood they perform about 305 310 abortions in a year) not including other clinics around the United States/Canada that perform this sad and wicked act of murder. Divorce is as common as the common cold....even among Christians. Illegal drugs and guns are still on our streets. Prostitution and sexual perversion is legal in some countries. Child pornography is considered art in some countries. Our jails are getting fuller by the minute across North America. Alcohol and drug addiction is climbing more than ever. Anti-Depressants are bein