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Eph 5:1-21 There is a lot of darkness in the world.  The media bombards us with stories of injustice, violence, false accusations, oppression, and corruption.  We see people who are caught in a web of sin , and can’t seem to find their way to a healthy way of life.  We probably know people who are looking for a better life, but in all the wrong places, and in all the wrong ways.  Paul tells the church something that we need to do in this present dark time for the future generation still to come.  God wants us to be light in the darkness.  Paul says in (v8), “You were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light.” Yet bringing light into our world is not always easy.  If there is darkness at work or school, how can you bring light into that environment?  If you see darkness in your friends, how can you help them see a better way?  If there is darkness in your family, what can you say and do to help those you love?     What does it m


For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him . 2 Cor 5:21          What did Jesus come to do? I can tell you that He didn’t come to give you your best life now, or to give you some purpose in life. Jesus came to do this one thing - to please the Father. Look at how Paul starts this verse by saying “ He (Father) made Him (Jesus) who knew no sin to be sin for us (You, me).   How does that make you feel? How’s that for a purpose? I say that because we are (the entire whole world), by nature: deceitful, lovers of self, haters of God, blasphemers, prideful, disobedient, lustful, covetous, and just downright wicked. If you disagree with me, I suggest you read the first three chapters of the Book of Romans, because what I just explained about our natural state is written down clearly for all to see by the apostle Paul.    Once you have read those chapters, you will be amazed and humbled by the next word that is


Hab 3:16-19 What is the most difficult experience you have had to endure in your life? What event in your life most wrenched you emotionally? “Wrenched” a sudden feeling of compassion, sorrow, or anguish, or an act that causes such feeling: " goodbye”, or “farewell”. For some it might be…. The death of a spouse, a child, a parent or someone very close to you. Losing your baby due to complications. For others, being ignored, rejected, or put down by someone you love. Losing your job or home fire or a natural disaster. Maybe it’s the consequences of personal sin against a holy God who loves you and gave His Son for you. Think back, now….. What were your thoughts and actions towards God at that difficult time in your life?   The first question I would ask is…. Did you pray?  If so, how? With tears? With anger? With a broken and contrite heart?  Alistair Begg said "Prayer must be instrumental, not supplemental."  We can learn a great amo