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Are You Praying?

"It is not enough for the believer to begin to pray, nor to pray correctly; nor is it enough to continue for a time to pray. We must patiently, believingly continue in prayer until we obtain an answer. Further, we have not only to continue in prayer until the end, but we have also to believe that God does hear us and will answer our prayers. Most frequently we fail in not continuing in prayer until the blessing is obtained, and in not expecting the blessing. Those who are disciples of the Lord Jesus should labor with all their might in the work of God as if everything depended upon their own endeavors. Yet, having done so, they should not in the least trust in their labor and efforts, nor in the means that they use for the spread of the truth, but in God alone; and they should with all earnestness seek the blessing of God in persevering, patient, and believing prayer. Here is the great secret of success, my Christian reader. Work with all your might, but never trust in your work.

GO! Paul Washer

Does He have all of you......

The Gap of Eternity

The Glory of God

What are you living for? Christian who are you glorifing in your life?what do you think about the most? All glory belongs to Him, for His goodness toward us sinners....Are you praising Him for THIS DAY! I Thank you Lord for your grace and mercy through your Son, Jesus Christ! May my life glorify You until my very last breathe..... May my life bring honor, to Your holy name....May I be faithful until the end...... To Him be the glory for everything.

A Great example for Us Preachers

The following Q & A with Voddie Baucham is from Unashamed Workman . 1. Where do you place the importance of preaching in the grand scheme of church life? I believe preaching is central to the grand scheme of church life (see Acts 2:42ff). Preaching/teaching sets the tone and the parameters for all other functions of the church. Our understanding of fellowship, evangelism, discipline, worship, etc., all arise out of our understanding of God’s word. Without sound preaching and teaching, all else will falter. Hence, preaching is of seminal importance in the grand scheme of church life. 2. In a paragraph, how did you discover your gifts in preaching? As a young college student, I went on a preaching mission with several teammates of mine. I was a relatively new believer and had no experience sharing God’s word. Two of my mentors guided me through the week and helped me discover my gifts in preaching for the first time. I felt as though something in me was awakened for the first time.

It Will Cost You Everything