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  Romans 13:8-14 Love is a demonstration of fulfilling the Law through the  finished work of Christ on the cross.  Brian Chappell said in his commentary “Mere outward conformity to the Law is not what God requires. The person who does what God says with a resentful heart and begrudging obedience does not bear the mark of the true child of Light. The heart renewed by the Spirit desires to please God, is anxious to find out what He desires, and is motivated by the sense of bringing God pleasure.”  And it’s this love that has called the church to wake  up while they still have opportunity.  Godly love does not harm their neighbor  Godly love fulfills the law and this love is to be taken seriously as you and I become more and more like our Savior.  We are surrounded by sinful practices from all sides; we are not immune to the dangers around us, and Paul knows this to be true.   Paul says “you know the time” (v11)   There is dangers that can cause the child of God to become dese


  Romans 13:8-14 One theologian wrote, “Believers ought to throw the mantle of love over the numerous faults into which their brethren may fall, in their conduct towards them, and thus to hide them from their eyes, forgiving their faults, even as God, for Christ sake, hath forgiven them.”  Chapter 12 to the end of this letter is challenging as we live the sacrificial life in a fallen world system.  The remaining chapters of this letter, Paul instruct us in orthodoxy that is put into orthopraxy, this means practical dedication .  Living the full gospel for the glory of God, and for our greater good.  This is exemplified….  To the needs, obligations and relationships of the Christian life towards those who oppose us and those who are inside the family of God .   By living…… “Sacrificially” 12:1 “Let love be genuine” 12:9 “Live in harmony with one another” 12:15 “Love each other, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law.” 13:8 “Put on Christ and make no provisio