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  Psalm 51:1-19     Charles Spurgeon wrote about why true transparency and confession is vital for the Christian life. “A Christian must never leave off repenting, for I fear he never leaves off sinning.”  What is Spurgeon saying?  Here is an illustration to help us understand….. A college freshman went to the dorm laundry room with his dirty cloths rolled up into a bundle of an old hoodie. Embarrassed by how dirty his cloths are he never opens the bundle but just pushes the clump of dirty clothes into the washer. When the machine stopped, he pushed the bundle into the dryer. Finally, he took the still-unopened bundle of cloths to his dorm room, only to discover that they were not clean.  The point to this story for the Christian life is that God says, “Don’t keep your sins in a safe little bundle. Bring them out in the open one by one and confess them so that they may be cleansed.”   Confession of our sins is essential in the life of the believer. What Is Confession?   Th


  Psalm1:1-6   The Psalms are in the Scriptures to unlock the inexhaustible riches of God’s glory and His providential plan to save sinners by His grace.   Robert Godfrey wrote “The realism of the Psalter in facing the great difficulties of the Christian life is one of its most appealing and refreshing features. The Psalms don’t sugar-coat the life of faith. They state problems and struggles openly and clearly. The serious emotions evoked by the disappointments, pains, and frustrations of life are expressed strongly and honestly. At the same time, the Psalms present powerful responses of faith.”   This is what makes the Psalms so precious to the child of God.  They put God’s presence in midst of our trouble, and we see the King who reigns over our lives, as we walk through the circumstances of this life.  Throughout the Psalms we see God’s steadfast love and deliverance as we continue to trust in Him, as He leads and guides our lives.   The Psalm that is before u