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God's Providence in Our Bad Decisions (Part 3)

Ruth 1:19-22 As we continue in this wonderful story of God's providence found in the book of Ruth. Let me ask you something personal. How do you respond to bad decisions or bad outcomes in your life? BETTER YET! How do you respond to God in your bad decisions or circumstances of life? WHETHER IT WOULD BE: • Your finances • Your marriage • Your children • Your farm or business • Your health • Your path that He has put you on Sometimes it’s hard to see past the hurt...heartache and the confusion of life. Sometimes we say things we don’t mean or do things that display our inner character or feelings. TAKE FOR EXAMPLE! You’re standing at the grave sight of your 14 year old daughter. A person who by world’s standards has her whole life ahead of her. You watch as the machine lowers your daughter into the ground....a place where her body will remain until the final days of Jesus. It’s a sad time for everyone...including the preacher! Because that could be one of yours one day.

God's Providence in Our Bad Decisions (Part 2)

Ruth 1:6-18 WHAT IS USUALLY THE NUMBER 1 THING YOU DO WHEN YOU (KNOW) THAT YOU HAVE MADE A BAD DECISION. Maybe this will help you answer that question. WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU TRY AND DO WHEN YOU MAKE A BAD DECISION SO THAT NOBODY FINDS OUT? You try to fix or hide it from others! Or worse try to pretend it never happened! That’s exactly what the flesh wants to do....what our sinful nature wants to do! Bad decisions or choices make us look bad on the outward appearance (At least that’s how most people feel)..... But my reply to that kind of thinking whom do you look bad to? We even do this in our Christian lives! When we deliberately sin or get caught up in a sin, we think that if we can hide it, nobody will ever know about it or talk about us or worse yet look down or different towards us; and call us hypocrites....or Pharisee’s. THE GREATEST EXAMPLE OF THIS IS FOUND IN THE BIBLE! Gen 3:7-11 “Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were nake

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