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What is Faith?

Something so Simple made Complicated By Mike Andrews "Faith is the simplest of all things, and perhaps because of its simplicity it is the more difficult to explain." This bold, true statement that C. H. Spurgeon made when he pastored a large church in England speaks volumes even in today’s generation! Faith is the simplest of all things. Yet, it is the hardest of all things to explain and understand. Why? Because we are sinful people, we are full of pride and arrogance towards the things of God, and most of all we are a people who need to see in order to believe. We seem to have the philosophy of "If I cannot see it, it must not be real.". We are faced with this problem every day when it comes to faith. Consider for a moment: when we are faced with a cloudy day, we need to ask ourselves "Is the sun still there behind the clouds?" Are the stars still out when we have daylight or do they only come out at night? The sun and the stars are always there whethe