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Phil 2:12-18 We have seen Christ in His humiliation “death on the cross”.   We have seen Christ in His exaltation as He has been given a name above all names “Lord”. It’s this truth that drives and motivates the Church in unity.   It humbles the Church, edifies the church, and brings hope to the church for we are Citizens of Heaven.   It’s this truth that gives boldness to the church to speak the gospel into the hearts of those who will listen.   It’s this truth that motivates the child of God to strive for Christlikeness. It’s this truth we strive, hunger, thirst for righteousness and holiness as God continues to do His perfect work in and through our lives. It’s this truth that we as God’s children are to work out our salvation by the power of God’s enabling grace and to shine, rejoice, like stars in a dark world. Paul is addresses three very important ingredients for a healthy body! Work out, 2. Shine, 3. Rejoice “Work Out” (v12-v13) Paul a


Phil 2:1-11 What is humility?  I can tell you want it’s not!  It’s not entitlement , which seeks this world and others that it, or they, owes you something.  For example…   You owe me by looking at me a certain way when I walk into a room. You owe me to have my coffee ready when I wake up in the morning. You owe me to have my supper on the table and ready to eat after I come home from a hard day’s work. You owe me the respect I deserve for who I am and what I do for you all. See Humility is….   It’s not looking for the limelight. It’s not making oneself known among a group of people. It’s not seeking the praises and acknowledgement when they do something. It doesn’t want to be the center of attention for everything. It’s not being as Brian Regan the comedian says “A me monster; it’s all about me” Humility is a freedom from pride and arrogance; a humbleness of mind; a modest estimate of one's own worth. I like how Gary Inrig explains hum