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Job 7:1-21 Whether we want to admit it or not, we’ve all been there before.  Let’s not sugarcoat it, or try to excuse it away, as if it was justified because Jesus kicked over the money tables.  Many of us, including myself have had the all-out meltdown .  From crumbling on the floor for a sob session to throwing objects across a room.  Our meltdowns come in all shapes and sizes and result for all kinds of reasons.  They’re ugly; they require for the man a sleeve or for the woman a tissue and, usually, some kind of intervention.  I came across a couple of questions that I want us to think about as we go through this chapter of Job.  What if our meltdowns weren’t meant to play out that way?  What if God has a better plan for us than crumbling with every crushing emotion?  What we are about to witness is Job having an emotional meltdown .  Job is demonstrating for us, a man, who cannot see past the hurt to the hope of anything good (earthly speaking) . So what is a mel


Job 6:1-30 I titled my sermon after a statement that the late great reformer Thomas Brooks said “Despair is Satan's masterpiece; it carries men headlong to hell as the devils did the herd of swine into the deep.”  I also came across a fictitious story that Steve Lawson mentions in a commentary, which speaks about, this word despair.  “One day the devil decided to have a garage sale. Taking all his finest tools of destruction: hatred, envy, jealousy, deceit, lust, lying, and pride. He priced each one according to its value and placed them on the driveway. But the most worn tool was set apart from the other instruments. A curious customer saw and picked up the worn tool, looked it over, and noted that it carried the highest price. He asked , “Why is this tool higher than the others?”  The devil laughed and said , “That’s the tool called ‘discouragement.’ It is more powerful than any other tool I have. When I use this tool on a person’s heart, I can pry it open and then u