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James 1:9-12 Character transformation is experiencing divine power through relationships; striving together towards a maturity in Christ….not in myself, my poverty or my riches.  Trials have and will hit everyone, whether you’re rich or poor, healthy or sickly.  Again as I’ve already said “no one is exempt from trials and tribulations.” For the purpose……   It helps us to grow in His likeness It helps us to trust in God’s wisdom It helps us to rely upon His resources Nothing is too hard to overcome whether it’s something small or big when our faith is strengthening through trials.  But one of the hardest trials any human being can face is the trial of self-centeredness, or pride.  It is our general inclination to see everything with ourselves as the center, filtering all of life through a “me lens.”  James starts off talking about poverty and riches.  Why? Many of James listeners were likely poor, but some were rich and trusting in their wealth.  See as James co


James 1:5-8 I came across a story by a well know preacher who said he had a gifted Secretary who was going through some great trials……. She recently had a stroke, her husband had gone blind, and then he had to be taken to the hospital where [they] thought for sure he would die.  This well-known pastor saw here in church one Sunday and said with assurance “I’m praying for you”  Which seems normal coming from a shepherd of the church right? But what she said to the preacher stopped me to ponder what James is trying to tell us here in his letter.  She said to the pastor “what are you asking God to do?  Her question startled the pastor…so he said “I’m asking God to help you and strengthen you.”  She responded with “but pray one more thing. Pray that I’ll have wisdom not to waste all of this! ”  This lady knew what James meant when He said “if those of you lack wisdom ask God” [paraphrasing]  There are a lot of people out there who are very knowledgeable but lack wisdom.  See as


James 1:1-4 For the Christian the greatest calling in this life is to be called by God , through the beauty of salvation through Jesus Christ, founded in the gospel.   But were also called by God to something else after conversion, which is equally wonderful and beautiful too... Holiness, love, serve, good works, give, do ministry, endure and most of all glorify God.  We are going to take a journey this Fall understanding a letter that gives us a picture or a glimpse to what we are called to……. Practical Christian living.  This is a letter that exemplifies what a Christian looks like and the Author James, begins with the most unusual opening statement that seem strange and downright weird and unorthodox….. With you will face hardships! But cheer up it’s for your own good.  See! Every one of us in this room is, or will go through trials until King Jesus calls us home.  Whether that be persecution, various pressures of life or plan ole sin that temps us every day.  What pu