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1 Thess 4:13-18 What happens when a Christian dies?  It’s a discussion that is highly debated by some, and for others we would rather not talk about it at all. Death is like a rippling wave that hits families and friends, when you least expect it.  Reason being! We don’t know what tomorrow brings and the weight of death plays heavy on the soul of everyone, which in the end grieves the heart.  But as Charles Spurgeon said “Tears are permitted to us, but they must glisten in the light of faith and hope.”  Do you realize that there is a 99% chance that you will die at some point in this life; unless the the events in this text happen during your life, then you are of the 1 percent?  There is approximately 150 000 people who die each and every day around the globe!!!  Death is a very serious matter for every one of us. Why? Because we all are going to face it at some time point in our life.  This was the problem with this early church.......they thought the time was coming for