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Wake from the Dead and Christ will give you LIFE

Focus on Family Yokes with Heretic Schuller Published October 26th, 2007 by Editor in A Slice of Laodicea From Slice of Laodicea : Way of Life’s Church News Notes reports that Focus on the Family is scheduled to join the apostasy party at the Crystal Cathedral in January. “H. B. London of Focus on the Family is scheduled to join hands with heretic Robert Schuller in a “Rethink” conference at the Crystal Cathedral in January 2008. The conference will bring together “30 influential thinkers” to “deliver cutting edge ideas about the ever-changing world.” --> Bush Believes in Universalism? New Article Quoting Bush from Berit Kjos Published October 26th, 2007 by Dwayna in General News , Excellent Articles , Islam , Knowledge of God , Synergism Excerpts:"I believe that all the world, whether they be Muslim, Christian, or any other religion, prays to the same God. That’s what I believe." "Americans of many faiths and traditions share a common belief that God hears the prayer

Blinded by Ignorance

Wednesday, October 24, 2007 Todd Friel Interviews Doug Pagitt of the Emergent Church Not sure what the Emergent Church is all about? Take a moment and listen to this interview with one of its leading pastors, Doug Pagitt of Solomon's Porch in Minnesota. The audio of this interview has been circulating in blogs recently and I spliced out the interview and put it on youtube. The interview originally aired on The Way of the Master Radio on 10/22/07.

Another Saint has Fallen

Total Abandon? October 1st, 2007 Last evening we sat on the edge of our seats as OM’s Gary Witherall told the story of his wife’s martyrdom. Bonnie Witherall was working as a nurse in Sidon, Lebanon, when an extremist shot and killed her (you may remember the news reports ). You could hear a pin drop as Gary described his rush to the scene on that dark morning to learn of Bonnie’s sacrifice. Following her death, Greg Kernaghan paid the following tribute. It also serves as a challenge to our ‘cushioned-Christianity’ in the West: Some people talk about being on the cutting edge; some actually live there. Fewer choose to dwell on the bleeding edge of humanity, where nothing is humanly certain except great need, where risk defies other definitions, where light shines the brighter for the enveloping darkness. Sidon in Lebanon is such a place, and Bonnie and Gary Witherall were some of those few. I was privileged to stay with them just four days before Bonnie was murdered. They lived close t

Preach it Brother

John MacArthur:Baptizing the Masses with a Watered-Down Gospel 11:03pm Wednesday, Oct 3 From Christian Research Net - Published October 2nd, 2007 When a sinner wanders into the church and sits through skits, mimes, interpretive dances, and the like, and yet never hears a clear, convicting message about his dangerous and tenuous spiritual situation– that he is a depraved sinner headed for an eternal fire because he is a daily offense to a holy God– how can that be called successful? You could achieve the same level of success by sending a cancer patient to receive treatment from a group of children playing doctor.A sinner must understand the imminent danger he is in if he is ever to look to the Savior. What’s worse is when seeker-focused churches baptize the masses with their watered-down gospel, assuring them that positive decisions, feelings, or affirmations about Christ equal genuine conversion. There are now multitudes who are not authentic Christians identifying with the church. As