Rom 1:1-5 The gospel was not a divine after-thought, nor was it first taught in the New Testament.  This is exactly what Paul is affirming to his audience in his opening letter.  The Gospel isn’t some “back up plan” to God’s mistakes or strategies in dealing with sin.  According to Paul it was “promised beforehand” through the prophets in the Holy Scriptures. (v2)  Why would Paul begin his letter like this?  Maybe this was for the sake of his Jewish critics .  By emphasizing that the Gospel was God’s perfect plan of redemption spoken frequently throughout in the Old Testament.  This statement Paul makes in (v2) is very important, because what Paul is authenticating is that the gospel didn’t originate with him or even Jesus’s early ministry.   This was God’s plan before the foundations of the earth.   The Jews would understand what Paul was saying by “Holy Scripture” this is reference to the Old Testament.  Unfortunately many responded to the Scriptures incorrectly.  What


  I don’t think there is a book more fitting and more appropriate for the Protestant Reformation than the Book of Romans.  Why would I say such a thing?  In AD386 there lived a young man whose father was a pagan and whose mother was a devout Christian.  This young man devoted himself to a life of immorality , yet his mother continued to pray for his soul to be saved.  This young man after a night of immorality was walking along a garden where a copy of the New Testament was chained to a bookstand.  As he was walking from his night of immorality, he overheard some children playing and singing a refrain to one of their childhood games: “Tolle lege, tolle lege” which means “take up and read”  So this young man whose conscience was troubled went to the Scriptures that were there in the garden.  He allowed the volume of Bible to fall open where it would, and in the providence of God it fell open to Romans; and this young man’s eyes opened for the very first time.  Where Paul wrote, “Bes