John 8:12-20   Light is a powerful thing! It has many wonderful qualities that we need here on this earth in order to live a long life.  It transfers energy. if it were not for sunlight, the earth would be very, very cold, and there would be no life. (Keeping in mind, there is quite a bit of life in caves, where there isn't any light)  Most plants need at least some sunlight to grow, so without light, there would be no plants, and without plants, there would not be oxygen for us to breathe.  It transfers information, allowing us to, with our eyes and brain, interpret where things are in relation to other things, and how that's changing.  We understand that according to studies, “The sun literally gives our bodies life. In order to survive, we eat plants that eat light, or we eat animals that eat plants that eat light. Our bodies also absorb vital nutrients directly from sunlight and would not be able to survive without the heating effect that this electromagnetic radia


  John 8:1-11   The feast is over, its the next day Jesus goes to the Temple to preach as He always does.   The day starts off innocent enough, all is calm and peaceful.  Its a new day, a wonderful day, to worship our God, as the people listen to Jesus.  But this day is soon interrupted by a group of scribes and Pharisees. (v3)  Some think that scribes and pharisee’s are all the same, they are not.  The “Scribes” were Jewish theologians, they were called lawyers because they were experts in interpreting the Old Testament, and to be a scribe was a career.  The “Pharisees” were a conservative party, a movement of conservative religious practices.  The term “Pharisee” means “separated one” It is said, “During the inter-test-a-mental period, many of the people moved away from zealous obedience to the law of God, so a group of people committed to spiritual, moral, and theological reform banded together in an effort to purify the Jewish community. They committed themselves