Matt 6:1-18
Here is a fact! God’s greatness and infinite glory iselevated above us. “Our Father in Heaven”That is enough to scare the child of God, but also brings comfort for the child of God. To know we have been brought near by the saving life of His Son. Is a true blessing beyond description? Isn’t it? But there is something else that points us vertically to infinite Creator, when we come to the privilege of prayer, and that is what follows the opening statement. “Hallowed be your Name” (v9)“Hallowed be your Name”means“I treasure, reverence, honor, glorify, cherish, praise, and magnify, your holy Name.”A W Pink wrote,“This petition must take the precedence, for the glory of God’s great name is the ultimate end of all things: every other request must not only be subordinated to this one, but be in harmony with and in undertaking of it. We cannot pray aright unless the honor of God be dominant in our hearts. If we cherish a desire for the honoring of God’s name we must not ask for an…


Matt 6:1-18Martyn Lloyd Jones said“There is no value in my entering into the secret chamber and locking the door if the whole time I am full of self and thinking about myself.”This is exactly what Jesus is trying to convey to the crowd. The hypocrite wants to be seen and heard and worshipped. Where the child of the Living God desires not to be seen, heard and worshipped by this present world. But seeks after the One in secret, who searches the heart and sees all things for His glory. See! We are never to pray like the hypocrite; but realize “Who God is, and What God is.” Before we ever think to utter words from our hearts to God, we need to realize who we are coming into the presence of. We should be reminding ourselves this truth“I am now entering into the audience chamber of that God.”
The almighty, absolute, and eternal God, “the God” who is over everything that is in heaven and on earth and throughout eternity. “I am the LORD, and there is no other, besides me there is no God; I eq…