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Job 25:1-6 The last words of Job’s friends come from Bildad, which is the shortest response of all three friends.  It brief and has no eternal value of hope for a sinner to rest in as they go through suffering.  A quick tongue friend speaking his mind rather than speaking with sensitivity to Job.  Bildad last response comes out with both gun barrels a blazing.  John Wesley was once approached by a young lady who said, “I think I know what my talent is.” Wesley said, “Tell me.” Without hesitation she replied , “I think it is to speak my mind.” Wesley responded with , “I do not think God would mind if you bury that talent.”  Anyone who speaks their mind, running overtop of others,  should bury that talent in a heartbeat. The Bible has some things to say about the tongue…  The sinfulness of the tongue causes destruction. “For there is no truth in their mouth; their inmost self is destruction; their throat is an open grave; they flatter with their tongue.” Psalm


Job 23 & 24 An Agnostic College Professor decided to have some fun with a student, who was reading a Bible lesson. Trying to trip the faith of the student, he said to him , “Tell me where God is, and I will give you an apple.”  The student replied. “I will give you a whole barrel of apples if you tell me where He is not.”  To understand that God is everywhere is one of the most basic truths of Scripture. “The Bible clearly teaches that there is no place where God is not present.”     Jeremiah wrote "Am I a God at hand, declares the LORD, and not a God far away?” Jer 23:23.  You have to ask yourself!  Do you think that God’s vison is limited like ours?  Is God not the Ancient of days, the eternal God, whose majesty and omniscience display His glory to the world and to you and I?     The Psalmist wrote “The LORD is high above all nations, and His glory above the heavens! Who is like the LORD our God, who is seated on high, who looks far down on the he