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Romans 11:11-24   It’s almost seems out of place to put these two words together?   How can God be kind and wrathful at the same time? (will get to that in a minute) But first!   T hese past couple of years has played on everyone’s heart strings.  Whether you follow on social media or not.   We have all witnessed some real ugliness in the church, our community, and in our country, over the past many months. We have seen families break up and not speak to one another. We have seen people lose their jobs and their homes. We have seen an increase in assaults, thief, and murder. We have seen marriages struggle to the point of divorce. We have seen the mental health of Canadians, rise higher than it has it decades. And still no is listening or doing anything to help them. We have seen suicide reach record numbers, specifically in young people. We have seen depression and other mental illness go untreated. We have seen close friendships break apart, depending on w


Romans 11:1-10 Has God rejected Israel? Has God replaced them with the church?   Let’s answer that question this morning…. but we must first begin here.  Abram is called by God and moves from Mesopotamia to Canaan; the nation is begun with Abraham.  Abraham descendants go from Canaan to Egypt to escape famine but they were enslaved by the Egyptians.  God redeems His people from slavery and establishes them as a nation on Mt Sinai.  The ten tribes of Israel are decimated by the Assyrians, where a large portion is head in captivity by Assyria. Most never returned to their homeland.  In 538 B.C. the capital of Jerusalem is destroyed by the Babylonians.  In 538 – 432 B. C. Groups of exiles return from Babylon and rebuild Jerusalem.  A. D. 70 the capital, Jerusalem is destroyed by the Romans….most flee their homeland.  1940 The Holocaust in Nazi Germany results in the death of millions of Jews.  1948 the Zionist movement receives permission from the United Nations to re-establish