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John 10:1-21 The Lord Jesus has been given many names, He is called…….. The Amen [Rev 3:14] The Alpha & Omega [Rev 22:13] The Advocate [1 John 2:1] The Author of Salvation [Heb 2:10] The Bread of Life [John 6:35] The Cornerstone [Eph 2:20] The Great High Priest [Heb 4:14] The Lamb of God [John 1:29] The Son of David [Matt 12:23] The Son of God [Luke 1:35] The Son of Man [John 5:27] The word of Life [1 John 1:1] The Resurrection and the Life [John 11:25] The Son of the Blessed One [Mark 14:61] But none quit describe the term of endearment that Jesus has towards sinners like the name that He has been given “Great Shepherd”  See! A shepherd is someone who guards, guides, protects, tends and generally cares for the well-being of what they are overseeing.  The Old Testament predicted this truth about Jesus.  “I will establish one shepherd over them, and he shall feed them.....” Eze 34:23. In  Micah 5:4 says “And He shall stand and feed His flock In the


2 Tim 3:1-17 I grew up in a time when hair bands of the 80 and 90’s ruled the main stage of my personal life!  None of this:  Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga or Katy Perry, corporate bubble gum talent sell out garbage!  I grew in a generation of talented musicians like: Kiss, Motley Crue, Whitesnake, Ozzy, and Scorpion’s, Canadian bands like: Helix, Kick Axe, Rush and Triumph. But I think one of the biggest bands that exploded on music scene during my time was a band called AC/DC.  Sadly, at the young age of only 33 , AC/DC's lead singer Bon Scott, “drank himself to death,” according to the official coroner's report.  Bon Scott recorded six studio albums with the rock band AC/DC, beginning with 1974's "High Voltage." It was shortly after the release of the somewhat foreshadowing sixth album, 1979's "Highway to Hell," that Scott died (February 19, 1980). In keeping with his rowdy persona, the official coroner's report stated that Scott had dra