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  John 5:30-46 The main purpose of the Scriptures is to testify of Christ, helping  us to come unto Him and receive eternal life.  The glory of Jesus Christ shines more clearly when we see Him in His proper relation to the Old Testament and in the fulfillment of the New Testament.  How powerful is the Scriptures? A W Tozer said "I did not go through the Book. The Book went through me."  The Scriptures has the power to convert the wickedest and vilest of sinner. You and I are living proof to that.   How powerful is the Word of God when it’s in the hands of a hungry believer?   D L Moody wrote, "The Scriptures were not given to increase our knowledge but to change our lives".  The Scriptures will create a person with a new heart that is passionate for God, and His church, for people to know Him.  It will give you the ability to have a love for the lost, and supply the enduring strength to be an obedient follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, through the work


  John 5:16-30 Jesus’ healing of the paralytic man made the religious elites very upset because the man picked up his mat on the Sabbath.  The Jews observed the Sabbath every week beginning at sunset on Friday evening and ending after dark on Saturday evening. They did not work or travel during this time.  If anyone did travel or work during this time devote Jews would be extremely offended and claim this to be a blasphemous act on the part of the person committing it.  Unfortunately, the Sabbath was a time of celebration, but the legalists had missed the whole point of the Sabbath.  Sabbath was instituted when God said “The earth was created in six days, and on the seventh He rested.” Genesis 2:1-3   God is still in this rest, while upholding the earth by His power, and He is working and He remains in His sabbath rest doing it.  The Sabbath is a time of rest for God’s creation to focus upon God, to celebrate His presence and power, it is to be a time of joy.  This is why we are