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"Our Only Hope Is You"



Jonah 1:4-16 If we are honest, every Christian here will admit that there have been times when we ran from God.  Some ran the longest from God regarding salvation. Others have run regarding surrender of something in their lives. Others have run because of not wanting to tithe, witness, pray, teach, etc.  But understand this….  If Jesus Christ is not the Lord of our lives we will find ourselves doing the same things that Jonah did. Jonah fled from the Lord when he found out what God’s will was for his life. So the question still stands as we go through this letter! Am I Jonah? Let me ask you!  Can God use us and still receive the glory in our disobedience or in the times of God’s chastisement? The answer to that question is yes! See, there is a chastisement that we endure during our disobedience. In other words we are not of the hook.  God can still use in our disobedience . Now that’s not a licence to disobey.  What I’m saying “even in our plans that we think are better