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Faithful One Robin Mark

The Gospel Song - An Animation

What Are You Using it For?

James 3:1-12 The story I'm about to read is true........There was a happy little family, living in a small town in North Dakota, even though the young mother had not been entirely well since the birth of her second baby. But each evening the neighbours were aware of a warmth in their hearts when they would see the husband and father being met at the gate by his wife and two small children. There was laughter in the evening too, and when the weather was nice father and children would romp together on the back lawn while mother looked on with happy smiles.Then one day a village gossip started a story, saying that (the father) was being unfaithful to his wife, a story entirely without foundation. But it eventually came to the ears of the young wife, and it was more than she could bear. Reasons lefts its throne, and that night when her husband came home there was no one to meet him at the gate, no laughter in the house, no fragrant aroma coming from the kitchen, only coldness and som

Voddie Baucham on the providence of God in our trials & victories

Bright Lights, Big City

Luke 15:15-32 WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU WANT TO DO WHEN YOU GET INTO A BIG CITY FOR THE FIRS TIME!!! Let’s say a city like............ Toronto! Everyone wants to see the CN Tower! But there something else people want to see when they come into TO!!!Can you think of it? Answer: Yonge St................. the longest street in the world. It was formerly listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest street in the world at 1,896 km (1,178 mi) and is a national historic site. Yonge Street is home or close to many attractions in Toronto, including street and theatre performances, the Eaton Centre, Yonge-Dundas Square, the Hockey Hall of Fame and–at the very start of the road–'One Yonge Street', the offices of the Toronto Star newspaper.YONGE ST HAS SOMETHING ELSE AS WELL! EVERYTHING A PERSON NEEDS TO FULL FILL ALL OF HIS OR HER LUSTS AND PASSIONS..........YONGE ST IS FILLED WITH! • Drunkenness • Fashion and covetousness • Lewdness • Pornography • Drugs • Prostituti

Justin Lubbe "The Lord's Prayer"

Please Pray

Have you prayed for your pastor today? Because he (we) needs them!! Here are 12 questions a good friend (an elder of my church) gave to me. I thought, I would share them with you....With the hopes of course that you would put this to practice each and every day for your pastor....SDG and God bless   (add your pastors name on the blank) 1. Lord, I pray that ____________ would be strong in you and in Your mighty power (Eph 6:10). 2. May ________________ 's wisdom begin with an awesome fear and reverence for Your holiness and power (Prov 9:10). 3. I pray that ______________ would stand firm against the enemy's schemes to sabotage the work that You are doing through him (Eph 6:11). 4. Father, please continue to renew _______________ daily in Your holiness. Keep him from growing weary, reminding him that his labour is not in vain (Isa 40:31; 1 Pet 1:16; 1 Cor 15:58). 5. Lord, set Your angels around _________________ and his family, guard them in all their ways, that no har