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Job 2:10-13 As the next scene prepares, what do we see when the dust settles?  A man who is broken and alone, sitting on a trash heap, his own personal Gehenna, a hell on earth type experience.  His wife, his one flesh, has abandoned him in all his afflictions.  The book of Job brings home to us the loneliness of suffering .  His only companion is what?  Broken pieces of pottery to sooth his broken and aching body as he sits in ash.  Have you ever wondered what Job was thinking about in that trash heap?  Did he think back to the day when he started his business? Did he think back to when it was a joy to get out of bed?  Did he think about how amazing God is despite the present outcome?  Did he think about his children and watching them growing up?   Christopher Ash said in his commentary “In central London there used to be a bronze statue of a local man sitting on a bench overlooking the River Thames. A few meters in the front of him is a bronze figure of a little girl


Job 2:1-10 “There is a story about a boxer who was being badly beaten by his skilled opponent. Battered and bruised, the boxer leaned over the ropes and said to his trainer, “Throw in the towel! This Guy is killing me!” To which the trainer responded “Oh, no, he’s not. That guy is not even hitting you, He hasn’t laid a glove on you.” At that point the whipped boxer spit blood from his bruised mouth and said “Well you better watch the referee. Somebody is sure hitting me!” The point of this story is that all believers are sooner or later struck by the blows of life.  No matter what people think, the bible teaches that Satan is alive and well on the planet earth and he is out to cause as much chaos as he can before his time is up.  Steve Lawson said “many well-meaning Christians live as if peacetime conditions exist. But in reality a bloody war is being fought all around them. Souls are being defeated. Lives are being attacked. None of us can afford to be uniformed abou