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As the traditional saying doesn't go: 'Tis the season to be … gloomy .  Are you feeling low this Christmas season? You’re not alone.  During Christmas there are many lonely people who are truly crying or dying on the inside.  Sadly a majority of us don’t see it because they hide it so well.  Tim Tebow said "The holiday season can often go from a season of thanksgiving, to a season of being more aware than ever of the things we do not have. Before long, we begin to believe lies about ourselves, and the discontent becomes consuming," the article reads. " God has orchestrated your life, your family and your story to be perfectly individual. When we compare ourselves to others, we rob ourselves of the joy that exists in being exactly who God created us to be."     Many single people dread Christmas season!  One person wrote this “My family live too far away to visit, and my friends disappear to spend time with their own families. For me, Christmas


Luke 2:6-7 It was November 28 th 2000 around 8am, where a married couple were awaiting the birth of their first child.  Soon to be new parents for the first time where emotions, fears and the unknown of what to do when the child arrives from tummy to World. I will say it was one of many beautiful days we have been blessed to be a part of and we would never give those moments up for anything this world has to offer.  We had the comfort of a clean, warm, helpful hospital called Oshawa General.  We had a car to transport my pregnant wife too.  We had everything we need to make this a safe and wonderful experience for two young inexperience people.  Since it was our first time and we had no clue what to do.  All the excitement and the fear of the unknown and the not knowing what to do all went away that morning when we held our child in our arms for the first time.  I remember holding our child (all our children) for the first time and how happy and proud I felt that I was bles


Eph 2:11-22 A Christian couple told their sons to be kind to the boys next door but not to become close companions with them. They explained that these boys could get them in trouble because of their dirty talk, their fighting, and their disrespectful attitude.  When the father of those boys learned this, he was angry. "You think your kids are too good for mine," he said one day to the other father. "No," the believer quietly replied. "My kids have so many bad traits that they need all the encouragement they can get in the right direction. In fact, we too are sinners who need forgiveness. That's why we believe on Jesus Christ. We're not better than you or your boys."  Even the best among us, young or old, think and act in sinful ways.  We need the forgiveness that comes through faith in Jesus Christ, and we need Him to help us live a life that pleases God.  Before Christ came and the gospel penetrated our hearts we were many things before