Luke 2:6-7

It was November 28th 2000 around 8am, where a married couple were awaiting the birth of their first child. Soon to be new parents for the first time where emotions, fears and the unknown of what to do when the child arrives from tummy to World. I will say it was one of many beautiful days we have been blessed to be a part of and we would never give those moments up for anything this world has to offer. We had the comfort of a clean, warm, helpful hospital called Oshawa General. We had a car to transport my pregnant wife too. We had everything we need to make this a safe and wonderful experience for two young inexperience people. Since it was our first time and we had no clue what to do. All the excitement and the fear of the unknown and the not knowing what to do all went away that morning when we held our child in our arms for the first time. I remember holding our child (all our children) for the first time and how happy and proud I felt that I was blessed to be a dad. All the pain of child birth Julie went through seemed to be not so important when she held her babies for the first time.

Can you imagine how Mary and Joseph felt that evening in a dirty, smelly cattle stall?

A young girl who hasn’t even had relations with her husband yet because they were in the betrothal period of their relationship. A man who is a hard working carpenter who has a soon to be wife who is pregnant with child that isn’t his. The emotions fear and excitement they must of felt leading up to this very moment, knowing that their lives/ours would be changed forever. To think that Mary and Joseph held the Creator of the Universe in their hands, and to top it off knowing He was the one who would lay His life down so that we could have eternal life. This event in history is recorded for us to see and read because like them, our lives depend on the supernatural birth of His incarnation.

This is why we celebrate Christmas as a church and as families. Christmas reminds us of God’s goodness in our lives, because He sent His Son to save our wretched soul out of the blackness of sin. Christmas is a time to reflect and give thanks to a holy God who loved us and gave us the greatest gift ever given………HIMSELF! A gift that only God could give worthy of all acceptance and praise for sinners like us. Christmas is a time that reminds us and always points us to Christ ad His redeeming love. Christmas is all about Christ…..it’s all about the birth of Christ! It’s a time that we shouldn’t take light, because without this divine historical birth, we would still in our sins facing condemnation from a holy God. Though, we may not know the actual date of his birth and all the stories we read about paganism that surrounds Christmas! One thing for sure….. the birth of Christ is a vital doctrine to the Christian faith.
Sadly, the world doesn’t want to remember that day some 2000 plus years ago; but there is no escaping this truth of the supernatural work of God in the virgin birth.

It’s as one journalist said The ungodly have never been more terrified of that baby in the manger, the Christ child, than they are today. They are truly the children of Herod, who sought to destroy the child to prevent Him from being king in Israel. For today’s secularists, it’s very much about who shall be king in America: themselves or Jesus Christ.”

My question for you this morning is!

What does the virgin birth mean to you? This supernatural historical event is so vital, to our salvation, our lives hang in the balance of this truth. 

Moses penned these words “.....will put enmity Between you and the woman, And between your seed and her Seed; He shall bruise your head, And you shall bruise His heel." Gen 3:15 

Isaiah penned these words some 700 years before the incarnate Christ was born "Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His name Immanuel."  Isa 7:14

Jeremiah said “How long will you waver, O faithless daughter? For the LORD has created a new thing on the earth: a woman encircles a man."  Jer 31:22
In the New Testament we continue to read passages like“and she will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name Jesus..." Matt 1:21
The apostle Paul said "God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the law” Gal 4:4

The virgin birth is very important doctrinal truth to the true Christian church. Why do I say that? Many people then and today try to convince this event never happened. And if that’s true and they are right! We are in a heap of trouble and the church is lost. Here are a few of the reasons for not believing in the virgin birth as some say.
There is no reliable evidence. We have no eyewitness accounts, no doctor confirmations, no DNA samples to see if this is true or not. But what do you say to the shepherds who went to see this child born in a cattle stall. (Luke 2:15-20)

Some say the earliest references are late and sparse. It seems likely the virgin birth was created to boost the authority of Christianity through prophecy and to compete with rival gods who were born of virgins. Then how do you explain when John penned these words “He was in the world, and the world was made through him, yet the world did not know him. He came to his own, and his own people did not receive him.” John 1:10-11

Another reason people use is that  they would never, ever, believe this today. Imagine if a teenage girl in your neighborhood claimed that her pregnancy was due to God impregnating her and that she was still a virgin. Would you believe her? Or would you think she was lying? If she insisted on it being true, we would put her in a mental hospital.

Sadly many continue to try and rationalize everything to fit their world view or how they see things!

But as the bible says “it is foolishness to those who perish” and “The fool says in his heart there is no God” But the other side to disbelief is wrong worship! Some even try to make the virgin birth as a means to worship Mary herself, above Jesus the God man.

John MacArthur wrote this “A long tradition of overzealous souls throughout history have wrongly exalted her to godlike status. Unfortunately, even in our era, Mary, not Christ, is the central focus of worship and religious affection for millions. They think of her as more approachable and more sympathetic than Christ. They revere her as the perfect Madonna, supposedly untouched by original sin, a perpetual virgin, and even co-redemptrix with Christ Himself.” John goes on to say “Catholic dogma teaches that she was taken bodily to heaven, where she was crowned “Queen of Heaven.” Her role today, according to Catholic legend, is mediatory and intercessory. Therefore, multitudes direct their prayers to her instead of to God alone—as if Mary were omnipresent and omniscient.”

There was an interview with a pastor of one of the largest churches in the States, and he was asked specifically what he believed about the virgin birth. Your thinking to yourself this should be easy! He replied “I could not in print or in public deny or affirm the virgin birth of Christ. Another church leader recently called the virgin birth a story on the level with an Andy Capp comic! He said “Because Andy Capp is true, he is true in our imagination and so is the virgin birth.” This is insanity if the virgin birth means nothing if it resides only in the collective imagination of humanity. One recent book claimed that Jesus was a the illegitimate child of a Roman soldier who had a love affair with Mary. He said this because Nazareth was located on the main highway to Jerusalem and Nazareth was notorious for corruption, immorality and prostitution. But this skepticism was nothing new! “Nathanael said to him, "Can anything good come out of Nazareth?" Philip said to him, "Come and see." John 1:46
So I ask you the question again! What does the virgin birth mean to you? Why is the doctrine of the virgin birth so important to the Christian church? “This doctrine, wrote James Orr, affects the whole supernatural estimate of Christ—his life, his claims, his sinlessness, his miracles, his resurrection from the dead. But the virgin birth is assailed with special intensity, because it is supposed that the evidence for this miracle is more easily got rid of than the evidence for public facts, such as the resurrection. The result is that in very many quarters the virgin birth of Christ is openly treated as a fable, and belief in it is scouted as unworthy of the twentieth century intelligence.” This has been His promise since the very beginning of time, when Adam and Eve sinned in the garden.

Ever since the beginning of creation this has been our….

Blessed hope to future things with Him in Heaven.
Peace and rest in a holy God.
Restoration and reconciliation with a wrathful and just God.
Joy of salvation found in Christ alone. (Sola Christus)

We need to see and realize how important the birth of Christ is, as we come together today and every day.

To Throw Out The Virgin Birth Is To Reject Christ’s Deity

And when we do this it causes us to question the accuracy and authority of the Scriptures and a host of other important doctrines to the Christian faith. “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you heard was coming and now is in the world already.” 1 John 4:1-3. If we deny that Jesus is God we have denied the very essence of Christianity. Everything in the Scriptures hinges on this divine truth as we celebrate Christmas. The virgin birth is just as equally important as Jesus’ death and resurrection and ascension. Anyone who rejects Christ’s deity rejects Christ absolutely, even if he or she pretends otherwise.

To Not Listen To The Historical Account of His Birth Is Spiritual Suicide.

Mary recognized the importance of the virgin birth when she gave this prayer of worship before delivering Jesus into the world (Luke 1:48-54)

He is Love “regarded the lowly...”  ( me a maidservant) (v48)
He is Mighty  "has done great things for me"  (v49)
He is Holy "holy is His name" (v49)
He is Mercy "to those who fear Him" (v50)
He is Sovereign "strength with His arm" (v51)
He is Righteous Judge "He has scattered... He has put down... He has exalted the lowly" (v52)
He is Provider "filled the hungry with good things"  (v53)
He is the Finisher of our Salvation "He has helped His servant Israel... " (v54)

This virgin birth was so important not only to Mary, Zechariah prophesied about Him"Blessed is the Lord God of Israel, For He has visited and redeemed His people" (Luke 1:68) And Zechariah even goes on to say that his only son John would go before this great Lord and Savior! Paving the way for the Saviour of the World. In Luke 1:76-79 we read "And you, child, will be called the prophet of the Highest; For you will go before the face of the Lord to prepare His ways, To give knowledge of salvation to His people By the remission of their sins, Through the tender mercy of our God, With which the Dayspring from on high has visited us; To give light to those who sit in darkness and the shadow of death, To guide our feet into the way of peace."  See, without this virgin birth, without Him coming in the form of man….the sin issue is not resolved and we are still damned to hell! As Oswald Chambers said “Jesus Christ became Incarnate for one purpose, to make a way back to God that man might stand before Him as He was created to do, the friend and lover of God Himself.”
If We Deny Or Ignore The Virgin Birth Then we Will Die In Our Sins.

2Cor 4:6 “For it is the God who commanded light to shine out of darkness, who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.” He has put His knowledge and glory of Himself in our hearts through the gospel. He has given us His promise and assurance of His great salvation through His son, Jesus Christ. The Apostle Peter says this promise can be trusted through the Scriptures. “whom having not seen you love. Though now you do not see Him, yet believing, you rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory, receiving the end of your faith—the salvation of your souls.” 1 Peter 1:8-9. The English Standard Version says "Though you have not seen him, you love him"The King James Version says "Whom having not seen, ye love" Our faith is a faith in a person who we cannot see, smell or touch, but He lives inside of us through the Holy Spirit. I must trust in the scriptures when it speaks about the supernatural work found in the virgin birth. For by faith [a faith that God gives us, as a gift] we are saved! Because we believe the scriptures.

The virgin birth is so much more than a miracle in Mary’s day ………………it about our [your] redemption! For without this virgin birth……………. I am doomed and so are you! If Jesus had not come, we would not know God’s complete faithfulness. We would not know the fulfillment of every last promise, including the very first one he made: that an offspring of Eve would crush the head of our great adversary, Satan (Genesis 3:15). Redemption is here to save sinners. Prophecy has been fulfilled as the prophets foretold. The Seed has finally come to crush Satan and his fallen angels once and for all. Immanuel (God is with Us) has finally come to deliver Us!

As Simeon “took him up in his arms and blessed God and said, "Lord, now you are letting your servant depart in peace, according to your word; for my eyes have seen your salvation that you have prepared in the presence of all peoples, a light for revelation to the Gentiles, and for glory to your people Israel." And his father and his mother marveled at what was said about him.  And Simeon blessed them and said to Mary his mother, "Behold, this child is appointed for the fall and rising of many in Israel, and for a sign that is opposed (and a sword will pierce through your own soul also), so that thoughts from many hearts may be revealed." Luke 2:28-35

As Simeon praises God for this selfless gift! Never forget this wonderful truth of the virgin birth and always be ready to give an account for the hope that is in your heart this Christmas season.

The virgin birth is essential to the Christian faith

If this revelation is rejected, then any other Biblical fact may be rejected. If the virgin birth is rejected, the deity or humanity (or both) of the Savior must also be rejected. If the virgin birth is not true there is no salvation. If the virgin birth is not valid, man is without hope in time and eternity. If the virgin birth is error, other doctrines lose their meaning and purposes. So rejoice in the truth of the virgin birth! For we know through the scriptures how important and how real the virgin birth was and is for the believer! Christmas is a time for the family of God to remember this truth. Christmas is a time to reaffirm what we always have known. Christmas is times were we ponder the fact that Mary held God in her hands. Christmas is a time to reflect on the perfect gift given, that has no price tag……..because it is a priceless gift. That gift is? Salvation in the one and only true King and “they shall call His name Immanuel” Matt 1:23
I love what John MacArthur says about the Christmas baby…. "If we could condense all the truths of Christmas into only three words, these would be the words: "God with us."

The greater truth of the holiday is His deity. More astonishing than a baby in the manger is the truth that this promised baby is the omnipotent Creator of the heavens and the earth!

Merry Christmas


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