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John 15:18-25 The late great Leonard Ravenhill said “Why Do we expect to be better treated in this world than Jesus was.”  What did the Romans & Jews do to Jesus?  A better question might be asked this morning! What did we do to Jesus?  According to the Bible! He was spit and slapped repeatedly in the face. He was blindfolded and was repeatedly punched by multiple people. His clothing was torn and removed from His body and it was sold amongst themselves. He was made to stand there almost naked in front of a captive crowd of on-lookers. His back and front was brutally beaten and whipped to the point of death due to shock of pain and agony. He was ridiculed dressed like a king as He carried His cross up to Calvary, which is outside the camp. He’s hands and feet had long spikes put through his skin into the wood to hold His body in a position that would cause His lungs to fill up with fluid as He hangs there and dies a slow sinner’s death on a cross. According


John 15:12-16 Let me begin by saying "that there is not one person in this sanctuary that doesn’t need, care or desire for a companion or friend to turn to."  Every person, every loving Christian would give anything for one good friendship.  I can remember growing up and my best friend who I considered being more like a brother than a friend, but he was a friend none the less.  We were inseparable and sometimes that wasn't so good…maybe we should have been apart, so that we wouldn't get into trouble like we use to.  But the one thing I knew about our friendship is that I knew he would always be there for me no matter what or where I ended up.  That’s a true friend! See a friend is someone you can…… Always count on and call upon at any time to help you through whatever is going on in your life. Trust with your deepest thoughts or secrets.  Won’t stab you in the back or hurt you intentionally.  Respect, because they care about you and your well-being.