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  Ruth 1:19-22   Tragedies bring home the awful truth  that we are not in charge.  All of us, at one time, or another… think that we can control the outcomes of our situations, but in reality, it is God who is in charge of all of His creation.  Do you realize according to the world’s standards we live in a hopeless society.   Approximately 23 million Canadians and Americans claim to suffer from anxiety disorder. 17.5 million Struggle with clinical depression. Every day, more than 200 people in Canada attempt suicide. Every year, approximately 4,500 people in Canada die by suicide, which is equivalent to 12 people dying by suicide every day. Adults in Canada experienced increased suicidal paranoia during the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the pandemic, in 2019, 2.7% of adults in Canada reported suicidal tendencies. In spring 2021, this percentage rose significantly to 4.2%. Airline passengers worry about the safety of their flights. Mourners grieve pessimistically at the


  Ruth 1:6-18   J.C. Ryle wrote about the redeeming grace God when we are faced with our wrong decisions and sin. He calls it “The Great Barrier & The Cross, “We are all by nature separate and far off from God. Sin, like a great barrier-wall, rises between us and our Maker. The sense of guilt makes us afraid of Him. The sense of His holiness keeps us at a distance from Him. Born with a heart at enmity with God, we become more and more alienated from Him, by practice, the longer we live. The very first questions in religion that must be answered, are these…“How can I draw near to God? How can I be justified? How can a sinner like me be reconciled to my Maker?” The Lord Jesus Christ has provided an answer to these mighty questions. By His sacrifice for us on the cross, He has opened a way through the great barrier, and provided pardon and peace for sinners.”   Naomi is going to see and witness this very thing as she continues to taste God’s sweet bitter providence.  Especiall