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Luke 1:39-47 Christmas is a wonderful time of blessing for most people………..especially us Christians! Why?  Christmas reminds us of God’s goodness in our lives, because He sent His Son to save our wretched soul out of the blackness of sin. Christmas is a time to reflect and give thanks to a holy God who loved us and gave us the greatest gift ever given……… HIMSELF!  A gift that only God could give worthy of all acceptance and praise for sinners like us. Christmas time displays and speaks volumes of Christ……whether the Atheist likes it or not. Christmas is a time that reminds us and always points us to Christ ad His redeeming love. Christmas is all Christ…’s all about birth of Christ! It’s a time that we shouldn't take lightly because without this divine historical birth we are still in our sins facing condemnation from a holy God. Though, we may not know the actual date of his birth and all the stories we read about paganism that surrounds Christmas! One thing for sur

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel