26 August 2014


I accept the challenge Tammy Solberg......NOW I challenge Trevor Peck, Conrad Anderson and my American buddy Scott Dickens. LETS GO BOYS! Nice and cold though ;) My donations are going to: www.nationalmssociety.org we have a couple of good friends that suffer with MS and so we want to help! God bless and to God be the glory.


Dan Albert said...

Hi Pastor Mike, I assume by your participation in the ice bucket challenge that you are not aware that ALS Association funds research using destroyed human embryos. I think you would agree that Christians should not support an organization that benefits (all in the name of research) from the killing of babies. Lila Rose who is a pro- life activist and Tony Miano have been active in educating the public and Christians to this reality. There are organizations who are working on a cure for ALS who do not use stem cells in their research. They are more worthy to receive donation support as they recognize the sanctity of life.

Great message last Sunday by the way. I can't wait to meet you in person. My family and I pray for you and yours!

Mike Andrews said...

Yes, we knew about the ALS research and their dangers when it comes to aborted babies and I forgot to mention in the video who we were going to donate too!I guess the thought of cold water being poured over my head made my brain go blank at that moment. We have a friend who has MS and we're going to donate towards her cause. But you are right! It's sad to see people not research the dangers in some of these organizations. Tony Miano is a wonder man and a great resource to getting the facts out there. On a side note! Thank you and we're looking forward to it as well next week! :)