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Preaching the Gospel


God's Glory In Marriage......SDG



James 2:14-26
I have two questions for us as a church family this morning. The first question, is your faith an active commitment filled with love and obedience to a holy an awesome God? That's a  Christian who is a doer of the Word in aspects of his or hers life. A faith that desires to please, not to win favor,  but a life of active obedience to a Holy and Righteous God. A. W Tozer said “Faith, as Paul saw it, was a living, flaming thing leading to surrender and obedience to the commandments of Christ." The second question, is your Faith a mere Intellectual exercise?  Which is a Faith that is just professing without action? A person who has orthodoxy but no orthopraxy. The kind of Faith that James is speaking about in this passage.  This is mere empty profession, not a true genuine saving faith found in the mirror of scripture! A big head and shrunken heart.  See when a person has been infected with saving grace found in the Gospel....He or she is has become a new creation. …

Holiness By John Macarthur


James 2:1-13
How does the world look at others? Better yet how do you look at others? Do you judge a person by their outward appearance?Which is a no,no! As the old saying “never judge a book by its cover.” Do you look with'in the person to see who they really are? The reason I ask that is because every human being, even Christians are not naturally inclined to be impartial [Which means: fair, unbiased]. We tend to put people in groups…..we tend to put them in predetermined categories or pockets. Ranking their worth or their success by: Their looksTheir clothsTheir raceTheir social statusTheir personalityTheir intelligence We also tend to [sadly] rank people by their power and wealth: What kind of car they drive or how many vehicles they have sitting in their drive way, How expensive their toys are [e.g: ATV, Sea Doo, Snow machine…..maybe in our area what brand of tractor or equipment], What type of house they live in or how big there farm is, What neighborhood they live in. But all …

Enoch Walked with God


Paul Washer & The Gospel

The Simple Gospel




James 1:26-27
I always love to watch the latest church band wagons or trends and see who jumps on and who jumps off. The biggest church band wagon or I should say! One of the biggest church band wagons that has poked it's ugly head is the expression "I love Jesus and hate the church or religion." A few months back a young man posted a video about his love for the Savior and his dislike towards religion. Very thought provoking and poetic; some of the things he said were spot on and absolutely true.....But, he was completely wrong in how he used the word "religion" in his expression about his love for Jesus. See! The biggest statement many say in the evangelical world is “I love God but hate religion”. My response to that is! If you hate religion or the church …in reality you hate God, which ultimately means you hate Christ [Because He is God is flesh] Jesus said just from Matthew’s Gospel alone "Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I …

Greatest Story Ever Told


Jesus Is Better

13 letters that you should never forget! Jesus is better.............SDG


 James 1:22-25
When you think of the game “Simon says”what comes to mind? Maybe it's playing in the playground during lunch hour at school when you were a little girl or boy. Maybe it was at a birthday party or a group of friends over for a sleep over. Maybe an activity at a summer camp. Let me ask you! What was the premise of that game? Whatever Simon said? You did it, right? If Simon said pat your head in a circle you did it otherwise your....out of the game! If Simon said jump up and down you didn't do follow his instruction your out of the game. The game would go until there was? The last person standing, because that person obeyed Simon’s commands. Now flip this same principle to the Christian life! Does God say the same thing? He tells us to……. Pick up our crossDeny ourselvesSell everything we haveGive to the poorProclaim the good news of the gospelFlee from all forms of evilWalk in holinessWalk in serving others and especially the church
But do we really obey Him as you di…

Keep Yourself in the Love of God by C.J. Mahaney