05 August 2010

Justin Lubbe "The Lord's Prayer"


Gregg said...

I don't like the typical contemporary Christian music (my tastes are different) and I don't usually click on musical videos when I go visit a blog site.

However, I am very glad I chose to click on this one - this singer is very talented!

I was very blessed with his renditionn of the Lord's Prayer. Thank you for sharing it, brother.

Hope all is well with thee and thine there in Manitoba. Have to come up and preach for you sometime!

Mike Andrews said...

Thanks Gregg! He does have an awesome voice and does a wonderful job on the Lord's Prayer..... Sovereign Grace Ministries has some really good music as well!


You should check them out brother....You won't be disappointed, they are worth a listen!

Also you can come up any time and preach in our small church!!:)

Blessings brother and to Him be the glory!! SDG