16 April 2010

Matt Chandler

T4G 2010 -- Special Session -- Matt Chandler from Together for the Gospel (T4G) on Vimeo.


Mike said...

Did you go to T4G this year? I went and thought it was spectacular...more spectacular in person!

I thought Matt Chandler spoke with such great poise in the midst of what he's going thru. What a godly example for us to follow.

Mike Andrews said...

No! I didn't Mike.....I would love to have gone, but the finances wouldn't allow it this year. I'm sure you were well feed the Word of God by such a great panel of godly men..... I'm hoping to go to the 2012 one.....Lord willing....I love Matt's heart. I get so encouraged to see him share this experience with us! How he give God so much praise even during such trying times. He is an absolute inspiration to use all!

God bless brother,