25 April 2009

We Must Pray for These People

When we think of false religions we assume Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, Satanic cults. This is only the tip of the iceberg. In the grand scheme of things these groups only play a small part in the realm of religion. There is a greater force out there that has permeated the earth with its culture, values and beliefs. Its not Hinduism, Buddhism, or Judaism. This group of people has made their presence known throughout the earth: they are the Muslims.
When we say ‘Muslim’ many people automatically react in fear or anger, based on the activities of a few people in this group. This is a group that has put fear into many people. However, this is also a religion that has many similarities to our own. It is exactly these similarities that can make Muslims very difficult to reach with the gospel. The term 'Muslim' reflects more on their culture or political standing more so than their actual spiritual beliefs can be useful. There are just about as many different sects in Islam as there are in Christianity, and we should not worry about taking the initiative to witness to our Muslim friends.
Islam is a religion that does not stay the same. There is continually new revelation, and this will result in the change of their beliefs or behaviour based on the latest prophet. This is not a happy religion in that the god they serve is not a happy, loving god. They focus more on ritual and tradition than having any personal devotion or relationship. Sadly, even the most devoted followers do not have any assurance of salvation, even if they have lived an exemplary life.
As more and more people are becoming frustrated with the ‘bad’ side of Islam, they are beginning to question the value of this religion. This is an excellent opportunity for us as Christians to step in and tell of our loving Saviour. We must take the time to befriend them before they will take us seriously, and due to the ingraining of their beliefs into their very culture, it may take many years before they can understand and accept the fact that Jesus is the Son of God and yet still fully one God.
Amazingly, there are many areas of Christianity that Islam agrees with, even the books of Moses, the fact that Jesus did miracles, and even that Jesus rose from the dead and is returning some day! Many people would jump to say that we must be worshipping and serving the same god, but this is not so. If they do not believe in the Trinity, and the fact that Jesus IS God, they cannot be serving the same God a us.
The Islam religion is spreading throughout the world, as is their mandate, and even the public sector is becoming infused with some of their philosophies. We must recognize that although they may share some very basic ideas with Christianity, they are just as far from the true Saviour as the Atheist. Will you pray for the Muslim nation that the Lord opens their eyes to the true Gospel and Lord.

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