14 December 2008

Something to think about

After church this morning I began to think about what Christmas really means to me. Its not about how busy malls get, grocery stores, streets and highways, the stress of family, and bitterness because you didn't get that parking spot at the store, its not even about giving and receiving gifts. Its all about Him and His wonderful story of redemption. Born in a filthy barn, born into poverty, wrapped in burial clothes, mocked and put on a tree and shed His blood for my sin your sin. I may sound naive but shouldn't this make us sing for joy? Shouldn't this make us praise Him every minute of every day? Shouldn't His desires be our desires? He came and died so that I could live again. We should screaming from the tops of our lungs in praise and thanksgiving.
Here are 10 things I'm truly thankful for this Christmas Season its not an exhausted list, its my list.
1. I'm thankful for the Lord of all creation (Psalms 145)
2. I'm thankful for Lord Jesus Christ (Isaiah 9:6; Matt 1:21)
3. I'm thankful for the gift of salvation (Eph 2:4-10)
4. I'm thankful for the precious word of God (Psalms 119)
5. I'm thankful for a godly Christian wife (Proverbs 31:10-31)
6. I'm thankful for 3 healthy children (Psalms 127:3)
7. I'm thankful for godly friends like Trevor Peck, and John Mank (Phil 3:19-25)
8. I'm thankful for food in the cupboards and the comforts of a warm home (Luke 11:29-30)
9. I'm thankful for godly (men) church leaders (1 Peter 5:1-4)
10. I'm thankful that I Mike Andrews, can used by God, for the glory of God a sinner saved by grace (Acts 20:24)

What are you thankful for this Christmas season? God bless and Merry Christmas

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