24 September 2007

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Biblical Propositions, Yoga Positions, and Contextualizing the Christian Message for People Who Work at CNN
Published September 21st, 2007 by Editor in Emerging Church

Over at Pyromaniacs Phil Johnson comments on "Doug Pagitt’s recent performance on CNN [which] was documented last week by several bloggers, including Nathan Busenitz, Fred Butler, Shawn Anthony and Doug Groothuis." We post this here at CRN because there are so many of those in the blogging world who struggle with their comprehension skills and were saying Dr. John MacArthur, one of the best Bible teachers God has given this generation, said Yoga can be practiced by the Christian.
In this piece Johnson goes on to clear up that his pastor:
John MacArthur, of course, believes in the authority of Scripture and the exclusivity of Christ. He said yoga as a spiritual discipline is fundamentally in conflict with authentic Christianity; and that Christians ought to seek spiritual wholeness through the truth of the Bible alone—not in ascetic practices borrowed from the sacraments and soteriology of Hindu mysticism. ("You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free"—John 8:32. The Bible is able to make us "complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work"—2 Timothy 3:17.)


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