27 August 2007

Veggie were did you go wrong?

Rethinking Veggie Tales by Cathy Mickels

My good friend and author Cathy Mickels wrote this piece back in 2002 about the Veggie Tales videos and their message regarding Scripture. She articulates my concerns far better than I have done today with my brief post. Cathy’s book on youth ministry was endorsed by John MacArthur for good reason. She sees Veggie Tales not as an isolated thing, as many of my critics on this issue do. She and I both see these things as part of the larger context of the evangelical meltdown. And contrary to some of those who have defended the sacred vegetables, for many children this is all they ever do get of Bible teaching in their homes. At Elmbrook Church here in the Milwaukee area, they even had the dancing vegetables on “stage”. I only wish we could get Christians as riled up defending the Scriptures as they do defending dancing cartoon veggies.

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