10 October 2011

Thank You LORD

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! Everyday is a day to be thankful! Here are a few things that I hold very close and dear to my heart.

I’m thankful for...

• The Triune God who created all things for their glory!

• The Triune God who created life by breathing into them the breath of life.

• God the Father who sent His only Begotten Son to be my [our] sacrifice on the altar of sacrifice and praise.

• The God man [Jesus Christ] for coming into this sinful world to save sinners.

• The God man [Jesus Christ] for dying on the cross and bearing the full wrath [judgement] for my sin by God the Father

• The Helper [the Holy Spirit] who illuminated the word of God [the Gospel] and revealed my sin to my blackened heart

• The grace found in the great salvation that was freely given to me by the finishing work on the cross

• Being spared the wrath that is yet to come for those [unsaved] who don’t believe in Christ Jesus

• Eternal Life with the Son [Jesus Christ]

• My beautiful  and godly wife whom God gave to me

• My beautiful 4 children....Rachel....Victoria....Zachariah....Hannah

• Our fifth child who we never got to meet and who was spared to see this fallen world

• My best friend Trevor Peck and his family, who are a godly example and an inspiration to me

• My mentor John Mank, who took this new believer [Me] under his wing and showed me biblical truth

• My church family at the Moosehorn Baptist Church


I [we] serve an amazing and awesome God who carries and walks us through life’s challenges and circumstances.....How one could not be thankful every day for His sustaining grace and love is insane to and unheard of. He is my sovereign LORD, who will never leave me, nor forsake me! And He is enough! As Paul Washer said “He saved me, what else needs to be done to motivate me? Isn’t salvation enough?" As the late great Isaac Watts said "How divinely full of glory and pleasure shall that hour be when all the millions of mankind that have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb of God shall meet together and stand around Him, with every tongue and every heart full of joy and praise! How astonishing will be the glory and the joy of that day when all the saints shall join together in one common song of gratitude and love, and of everlasting thankfulness to this Redeemer! With that unknown delight, and inexpressible satisfaction, shall all that are saved from the ruins of sin and hell address the Lamb that was slain, and rejoice in His presence!" THANK YOU LORD FOR SAVING MY SOUL AND GIVING ME A LIVING HOPE! Thank you....SDG

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