29 January 2011

The Eternity of God, and Heaven, and Hell

Something to ponder as we go about our daily routine!! I found this over at http://www.gracegems.org/

"And just as each person is appointed to die once--and after that comes judgment!" Hebrews 9:27. Jesus said "And they will go away into eternal punishment; but the righteous will go into eternal life." Matthew 25:46. The question you need to ask yourself is..........Where will you stand on that day?

"The state of things after the judgment--is changeless and without end. The misery of the lost, and the blessedness of the saved--are both alike forever. Let no person deceive us on this point. It is clearly revealed in Scripture. The eternity of God, and heaven, and hell--all stand on the same foundation. As surely as God is eternal--so surely is heaven an endless day without night, and hell an endless night without day!"  J.C. Ryle

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JT said...

I know Heaven will be my home. God Bless You.