22 June 2010

Jesus, Thank You


Gregg said...

Having been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award by Tossing It Out, I now would like to pass this award on to you! I think your site is a top site and deserves this award. Stop by my site and pick up the award linking it to my site, list seven things about your self and pass it on to 15 others! Congrats!

Mike Andrews said...

Thanks very much Gregg. I really enjoy your posts as well. It's great to read people who share in the same passion as I do...My great friend and buddy Trevor Peck has a really good blog page as well "Love in the Truth"....Everything on this blog is to the glory of God and the spreading of the blessed Gospel that saves to the uttermost!!! I will stop by and get that link....Again thanks and God bless my brother...SDG

Mike Andrews said...

Gregg, how do I do what you suggested? LOL....I know how to do somethings but what am I suppose to do "award linking it to my site"

Your help would greatly be appreciated brother :)