18 February 2010

Traveling On My Knees

Last night I took a journey

to a land across the seas.
I didn't go by ship or plane,

I traveled on my knees.
I saw so many people there in bondage to their sin,
And Jesus told me I should go,

that there were souls to win.
But I said "Jesus,

I can't go to lands across the seas."
He answered quickly,

"Yes, you can by traveling on your knees."
He said, "You pray,

I'll meet the need.

You call, and I will hear.
It's up to you to be concerned for lost souls far and near."
And so I did; knelt in prayer,

gave up some hours of ease,
And with the Savior by my side,
I traveled on my knees.

As I prayed on, I saw souls saved
And twisted persons healed,

I saw God's workers strength renewed
While laboring in the field.

I said, "Yes Lord, I'll take the job.
Your heart I want to please.

I'll heed Your call and swiftly go
By traveling on my knees."

By Sandra Goodwin



I enjoyed looking over your blog
Great Blog Title
God Bless You, Ron

Mike Andrews said...

Thanks Ron,

To Him be the glory for giving us many ways to share what Christ has and is doing in our lives.....I've enjoyed looking at your blog as well....

God bless brother,