30 July 2008

What a Wonderful Time

What a wondeful time at camp in Nova Scotia. Please pray for these young ones as they go back to their homes. My family and I were blessed last week to be a part of these young ones lives. Camp taught me many life lessons about myself and the importance of teaching children holy living. I was absolutely amazed that these young kids paid close attention twice a day for 6 days, even when they were over tired or had plans after chapel time. ITS ONLY by His grace that the soul knows very well, its only by the power of the Word, as the Hebrew writer says (Heb 4:12-16). All glory belongs to God for His mighty power through His Word. This is something that school can never prepare you for, because this is real life where real people have real needs and concerns, I will never forget this special time in my life that I spent with my family as I continue to wait and prepare for full time ministry.

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